Our 10 Favorite Joint and Hip Soft Chews

Trying to find the right Joint and Hip Soft Chews? Take the time to do your research and be sure to see our list of 10 that we find to be our Favorites.

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Consumer Product Report and Duralactin Soft Chews Reviews

What would you say if I told you that in order to be a good pet owner you would need to understand inflammation, destructive enzymes and cellular Duralactin Soft Chews Reviewsresponse? I am sure you would think I am crazy, a bit neurotic and perhaps full of myself. It is insane to claim that every pet owner should have a basic understanding of microbiology or medicine, however knowing how chemicals work in the body will help in manage injury associated with activity, weight gain and aging. I don’t believe that we all need a basic degree in science, but I do think that a good pet owner will familiarize themselves on the best pet medicine to protect their furry loved ones.

Duralactin is a product geared towards reducing inflammation in both cats and dogs. Inflammation can be harmful as well as painful. When it happens to us the result is unpleasant and we shouldn’t assume that is any different for our pets. Keep your dog running, jumping and playing. On the flip side, help keep them happy while also protecting them from red and painful muscles.

Got milk? Well Duralactin Soft Chews certainly do! As least, they contain a milk protein alternative that reduces inflammation and prevents tissue degradation. Duralactin can prevent the loss of healthy tissue from enzymes that work to clear sick tissue.

Duralactin Soft Chews Reviews

Inflammation is a reaction of the body after injury or irritation occurs. It is painful and can lead to swelling, redness, and heat produced in muscle or skin tissue. When this happens in the joints between bones, it can make movement difficult. It can also lead to further problems, such as tissue deterioration, if not treated. This is where Duralactin comes in. It reduces inflammation and targets cells that are produced during excessively inflamed conditions, which can lead to eating away at cartilage tissue.

The best way to understand how Duralactin works is to visualize something that it resembles. When injury or immune issues arise, the body can send proteins to target the problem. Unfortunately, nature isn’t perfect and these little pac-men type proteins can attack healthy tissue while targeting damaged tissue. Duralactic therefore blocks the access pac-men, preventing it from eating away the good tissue and giving the animal a chance to heal.

What are the main ingredients in Duralactin Soft Chews?

The main ingredients are:
1. MicroLactin
2. Glucosamine
3. MSM
4. EPA
5. DHA
6. Manganese
7. Zinc
8. Vitamin E

MicroLactin: This is a chemically altered dried milk protein originating from in-laboratory altered cows milk. It is patented by the Duralactin company. This protein is primarily responsible for reducing inflammation. It is also important as a blocker of excess cells responsible for deteriorating inflamed tissue as overwhelming concentrations can also break down healthy tissue.

Glucosamine: This is a sugar molecule that is primarily responsible for synthesizing certain proteins and lipids in the body. In many organisms, glucosamine is responsible for creating the protective outer shell or exoskeleton. In mammals, in this case dogs, this molecule supports joint health by strengthening tissue and therefore reducing cartilage deterioration.

MSM: This is an abbreviation for methylsulfonylmethane. The full name may be useful to scientists for understanding the chemical composition, however for the purpose of this review, MSM works fine. This is a chemical naturally occurring in all organisms but can also be created in vitro. It contains dietary sulfur that works to keep cell membranes healthy, affecting muscles and joints.

EPA and DHA: These are two omega-3 fatty acids that come from fish oil. These oils reduce inflammation by inhibiting the breakdown of cartilage tissue by enzymes. It inhibits enzyme interaction. It is also helps improve the health of skin, nails, and immune system health.

Manganese: A mineral that is also an important nutrient for healthy bones and connective tissue, as well as aiding in blood clotting and absorbing calcium. Research has also led to the belief that Manganese may increase the effects of glucosamine and chondroitin.

Zinc: A required mineral in mammals. In dogs, zinc is an important nutrient for skin and hair. It also has antioxidant properties.

Vitamin E: Vitamins and minerals are not only recommended and necessary for humans – it is important to make sure our animals are also taking their daily dose. Vitamin E has many beneficial properties including supporting immune system health, improving texture and health of skin and coat, proving anti-inflammatory support (therefore aiding in reduction of stiffness and pain in joints), and even possible reducing the potential for cancer. Vitamin E also acts as an anti-oxidant, combating free radicals. Ever heard of the one-two punch? Well this vitamin contains many many more positive punches!

Recommended Dosage and Storage

Doses and frequency depends on the weight of the animal. Directions will be given on the container but it is always beneficial to double check with your veterinarian before giving your pet any supplements.

Customer Reviews

Most pet owners found that these chewy treats worked and noticed marked improvement in their dogs mobility and energy levels within a few weeks. Most of the problems seemed to come from upset stomachs, perhaps from taking doses that were too strong or not taking supplements with meals. Some dogs also did not enjoy the flavor even though some types come in vanilla flavored chews. Amazon reviewers gave this medicated treat 4.3 stars out of 5.


Treating long term chronic inflammation may be as easy as ordering Duralactin Soft Chews. As always with medicated chews, if administering Duralactin, be sure to do so during meals or afterwards to prevent upset stomach. Otherwise, this may be a great treat for your four-legged friend. Milk protein seems to be a no-brainer when it comes to bone and joint health. Glucosamine and chondroitin work synergistically to tag team joints and connective tissue. The remaining ingredients are all either essential minerals crucial towards over-all health and/or help battle free radicals that harm the body.