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Dream Quest Nutraceuticals Heartbeat Cardiovascular Support Report

Before you read and believe the things that online Dream Quest Nutraceuticals Heartbeat Cardiovascular Support reviews say, it is of utmost importance that Dream Quest Nutraceuticals Heartbeat Cardiovascular Support Reviewsyou check the reputability of the sources first. This will help you make certain that you will only get factual information, nothing more, nothing less. Fortunately, what you are reading right now is one of them – a factual review, together with our own unbiased take on this health supplement product from Dream Quest Nutraceuticals.

In this Dream Quest Nutraceuticals Heartbeat Cardiovascular Support review, you will be able to get to know the manufacturing company behind the nutritional supplements’ development and creation. In addition to this, we will also help you differentiate the supposed benefits and features of the products from those that have really been experienced and enjoyed by consumers. We will also give you our recommendation that is completely based on the results of the testing and research we have done.

So let’s start off with a brief introduction on DreamQuest Nutraceuticals, the company that is responsible for the creation of the Heartbeat Cardiovascular Support supplements.

About Dream Quest Nutraceuticals – The Manufacturer of Heartbeat Cardiovascular Support

DreamQuest Nutraceuticals is a company that manufactures supplements that are designed to promote and assist in the protection of the health of consumers. According to the people running the company, the products are as superior as one can get, mainly because the ingredients used are of the highest quality available. They also claim that they implement over 400 different Essential Quality Control Procedures in order to ensure that the nutritional supplements they formulate work and will be able to provide the benefits that they were initially designed for.

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The Heartbeat Cardiovascular Support’s Benefits and Features According to the Manufacturer

Reliable Dream Quest Nutraceuticals Heartbeat Cardiovascular Support reviews should not only include details about the purported benefits of the product. They should also provide readers with the information they need so that they know the real benefits of the health supplements from those that the manufacturer just claims they can bring. This way, you will learn what the product was really designed for and have a better idea if it really is the right one for you or not.

So here are just some of the purported benefits and features of the Dream Quest Nutraceuticals Heartbeat Cardiovascular Support that may just be yours to enjoy and experience.

1.        Provides comprehensive supplementation to the heart, which includes nutrients that support all of the aspects of optimal cardiovascular health

2.        Enhances and gives additional protection to the arterial walls and the heart muscles

3.        Contains 400 mg of the patented CardioAid plant active sterols

4.        Resveratrol content is similar to that of 34 glasses of wine

5.        Is incorporated with proprietary Heart Health Botanical Complex

6.        Also contains 150 mg of amino acids known for supporting heart health

7.        The very potent B-complex vitamins that the health supplements contain inhibit homocysteine

8.        Features magnesium, selenium, potassium, and calcium – 4 very essential minerals for problem-free and healthy cardiovascular functions with the added benefit of having antioxidant properties

9.        Also contains Coenzyme Q10

Supplement Facts – What Goes into these Health Supplements

You probably are now very interested to give the Heartbeat Cardiovascular Support supplements a try after learning of the claims made by the manufacturer regarding its benefits and features.  But the thing is, do these claims as well as the information you have obtained from other Dream Quest Nutraceuticals Heartbeat Cardiovascular Support reviews really reliable? Can these nutritional supplements really do what they supposedly can? One way to answer these questions you have is to learn more about the ingredients that they contain and the nutrients that they deliver.

In every serving, the recommended quantity is 3 of the heart-shaped tablets. You will be able to get up to 30 servings from every bottle of the Dream Quest Nutraceuticals Heartbeat Cardiovascular Support supplements. Each serving size contains and delivers the following:

•        40 mg of Niacin, in the form of Niacinamide

•        4 mg of Vitamin B6, in the form of Pyridoxine HCI

•        400 mcg of Folate, in the form of Folic Acid

•        12 mcg of Vitamin B12, in the form of Cyanocobalamin

•        50 mg of Calcium, in the form of Amino Acid Chelae/Complex

•        25 mg of Magnesium, in the form of Amino Acid Chelae/Complex

•        70 mcg of Selenium, in the form of Aminoae

•        99 mg of Potassium, in the form of Amino Acid Complex

•        400 mg of CardioAid Plant Sterols Blend that includes Beta-Sitosterol, Campesterol, and Stigmasterol

•        200 mg of Proprietary Heart Health Botanical Complex that includes English Hawthorne, Horse Chestnut, Bilberry, Grape Seed, Cayenne, Garlic (Odor-Modified), and Green Tea

•        75 mg of L-Taurine

•        75 mg of L-Carnitine in the form of L-Carnitine L-Tartrate

•        25 mg of Resveratrol from the Polygonum Cuspidatum Root Extract

•        10 mg of Coenzyme Q 10

There are a few other things that go into the manufacturing of the Heartbeat Cardiovascular Support health supplements, and these include the following:

•        Microcrystalline Cellulose

•        Stearic Acid

•        Magnesium Stearate

•        Silica

•        Pharmaceutical Glaze

Pros and Cons of the Product

Here are some of the good things that we found the product to be impressive for:

1.        Improvements in cardiovascular functions

2.        Better sleep and relaxation

3.        Some users suffering from Angina have reported that they now experience less and less attacks

4.        Chest pains are reduced

As for the not-so-good aspects of the health supplement, here are some of them:

1.        Not that affordable

2.        Some people may find the additional ingredients to be a disadvantage

Final Thoughts – Can We Recommend the Heartbeat Cardiovascular Support Supplements?

To conclude this review, our recommendation is that it is one of the heart health supplements that we find to be honestly described not only by the manufacturing company, but the other Dream Quest Nutraceuticals Heartbeat Cardiovascular Support reviews as well. Many of the people who have already given it a try were happy with the results such as experiencing noticeable improvements in their cardiovascular functions and overall health. While the product may be a little too pricey for some people, it is still worth investing on because of the benefits that it can provide.