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Dr Schrammek Rosea Calm Cream Reviews for Consumer Consideration

Skin irritation comes in many different forms and is also one of the most common problems that many individuals face and have to deal with. Despite them taking care of Dr Schrammek Rosea Calm Cream Reviewsthemselves, such as eating skin-beneficial food and avoiding those that they know contain allergens, they still suffer from this skin condition. So if you are one of these people and the reason you are here is because you are looking for Schrammek Rosea Calm Cream reviews, you’re in the right place.

It is very important for you to get your information from sources that are reputable and reliable, especially since what you are planning to use is supposed to be a skin calming product. You want it to relieve your skin of its symptoms of irritation and not make your condition worse. So in this Schrammek Rosea Calm Cream review, we hope to assist you determine if this particular skin care cream is worthy of your time and money.

A Quick Overview on the Company behind this Skin Calming Cream

Schrammek Kosmetik is the company responsible for the development and the creation of the Schrammek Rosea Calm Cream. It was founded and established by Dr. med. Christine Schrammek, and has been in the industry for over 60 years now. It is family-owned and operated. One of its most popular offerings is the supposedly first ever BB (Blemish Balm) Cream, known as the Green Peel Herbal Skin Peeling Treatment.

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The Claims Made by the Manufacturer about this Product

If you have been reading other Schrammek Rosea Calm Cream then you already have some idea on what the product can do. However, it is crucial for you to understand that not everything you have read may be 100 percent true, as some skin care treatment reviews tend to exaggerate product descriptions.

So before you go on believing what you have read or heard about the Schrammek Rosea Calm Cream, you should first know how the manufacturer describes it. This way, you will be able to distinguish which benefits have really been proven to be true by real consumers from those that the company just says it can.

According to Schrammek Kosmetik, this skin calming product is:

1.        A light cream designed specifically for irritated and reddened skin

2.        The formula the product is incorporated with pampers the skin not only by reducing the most common symptoms of irritation, but also by diminishing feelings of tautness

3.        It contains green pigments that are engineered to conceal skin redness in the long term

4.        With regular and proper use of the Schrammek Rosea Calm Cream has the power to regenerate disturbed complexion and make it appear more balanced and harmonious

5.        It does everything that has been mentioned above without having to be added with mineral oils, parabens, and perfumes

What Goes into Every Container of this Skin Care Cream?

Are you aware of the fact that one of the most effective (not to mention very important) ways for you to have a clearer idea on whether or not a skin care product works is to check the ingredients used in its manufacturing? If you simply take the time to research the components that comprise this cream, you will have an easier time learning if the Schrammek Rosea Calm Cream reviews you have read are telling the truth or not.

Schrammek Kosmetik claims that these benefits are brought about by the product thanks to its five main ingredients. These include the following:

1.        Biophytex®: Plant Complex – This plant complex contains several ingredients such as butcher’s broom and horse chestnut among others – all of which are said to help calm and relieve reddened skin

2.        Defensil® – This is a 3-Step-Protection system containing Echium Oil and Balon Vine and has been developed especially for individuals who have very sensitive skin

3.        Vitamin C – This type of Vitamin helps strengthen and further protect the skin

4.        Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide – These minerals have shown not only effective concealing effects, but also helps reduce signs and severity of skin inflammation

Recommended Usage and Application

The Schrammek Rosea Calm Cream is very easy to use and apply. You just have to make sure that the affected skin area is thoroughly cleansed before applying it. The recommended usage is twice a day. You can use the skin care treatment once in the morning and once in the evening.

Rundown of the Rosea Calm Cream Pros and Cons

Before we finalize this Schrammek Rosea Calm Cream review and give you our recommendation, let’s have a look at the good aspects and the not-so-good ones we found the product to have.


o        Can really help those who are suffering from rosacea and other skin conditions that result in redness and inflammation

o        For many users, the effects can be seen and noticed in just a short period of time

o        The skin calming product can be used almost anywhere, even on the face

o        Many consumers report that they have been the recipient of compliments after using the rosacea treatment and skin care cream

o        There is no need to use a lot of the cream as it is quite dense, which means that a little will already go a long way


o        The main drawback that we can find about the Schrammek Rosea Calm Cream is that for some, it is quite pricey

o        While the anti-redness and –inflammation skin cream does not contain parabens, perfumes, and mineral oils, it still has a long list of other ingredients – consumers should make certain that they are not allergic to any of these prior to its use

Our Final Verdict

So, after our research and testing, do we recommend this product like most of the other Schrammek Rosea Calm Cream reviews? The answer is maybe. The product costs around $50, which is high for some people. In addition, unlike other skin redness and irritation calming products, the Rosea Calm Cream can be used on the face – which is one of the most sensitive areas. It has both positives and negatives to consider, choose carefully.