Inside Report of the 10 Preferred Immune Support Supplements. Not all supplements are equal when it comes to boosting your immune system. Get the favorites of our staff, with this report.

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Informational Summary of Dr Mercola Immune Support

Most people don’t think about the body’s immune system when they think about their health. They think that their ability to stave off sickness, infections, and other Dr Mercola Immune Support Reviewsmedical issues stem from the fact that their bodies are a level where foreign biological intruders simply don’t affect them. However, that’s not the case. The body’s immune support system is a very complicated – and incredibly important – part of every person.

The immune system: our barrier against foreign invasion

When we think of the immune system, we think only of the T-cells in our blood stream, the cells that actively attack foreign biological agents, be they bacteria, viruses, or simply free radicals that are threatening to disrupt the body’s finely-tuned system.

However, there are important components that you should know about. Once you’ve figured those out, you will realize why it is important to have immune support supplements as part of your regular diet.

Skin and the digestive system

The first line of defense the body has against foreign invasion is simply, the membranes that separate our inner workings from the outside world. In this case, our skin is our protective shell, along with all the other membranes that comprise our outer body areas. It’s no surprise many immune support cells and chemical centers are situated all over the body. These are all ready to go to a break in our skin at a moment’s notice.

Our digestive system, too, is a part of the barrier against foreign invasion, and in this case, it is a well-defended one, with beneficial bacterial communities helping control possible dangerous bacterial invaders.

Dr Mercola immune support supplement

The thing is, we should be aware that no matter how healthy our bodies are, bacteria, viruses, and internal issues will still happen, and sometimes, our immune systems will still falter or weaken. That’s the reason why it’s important that we improve our immune system by taking immune system booster supplements, particularly at times when we don’t feel too well, or if we feel that we are already on the verge of becoming sick enough to need a day or two (or more!) of rest.

Compare Dr Mercola Immune Support with other Immune Support Alternatives

How does it work?

Dr Mercola immune support reviews talk about how effective it is, but here is the reason behind the effectiveness: this immune support supplement takes into account the different needs of the human body.

Free Radicals

Internally, one of the worst enemies of any person is the existence of free radicals. These particles are essentially atoms or molecule strings that are unstable, usually due to missing electrons in their makeup. Once these collide with normal matter in your body, it can set of destabilizing chain reactions that can render you sick in many kinds of ways. This is usually no problem if you’re at the peak of your adult strength. However, if you are already growing older, or if the person you care for is a child, then you have to consider that the substances that a normal person has to deal with free radicals (these are known as antioxidants) are not in their normal amounts in the body. In fact, in older people, the amount may only be 5 to 10 percent of what is needed.

Dr. Mercola’s immune system booster gives you a megadose of Vitamins B and D, which are known powerful antioxidants.

Herbal power

Dr. Mercola’s supplements also improve the immune system by including herbal ingredients such as oregano oil, olive leaf extract, propolis, and dimethylglycine. These various ingredients act as immune boosters that have little or no side effects, and certainly no long-term effects

Cyclical Use

Because of the potency of some of the ingredients, it’s been suggested that if you will use Dr. Mercola’s immune support supplements, that you need to have a special cycle for use. You should take it for ten straight days, and then stop using it for two weeks after that. Once the two weeks are up, you can resume using the immune support supplement for another ten days.

The reason behind this is that as time goes on, your body’s ability to absorb all the potent ingredients properly lowers. You need to reset your body’s absorption levels effectively at that point, before using the immune system booster again.

It should also be noted that due to the nature and potency of some of the ingredients, pregnant women and young children should consult with a doctor first, before the use of the immune support supplement is approved.

Other health guidelines for improving your immune system

1) Eat a balanced diet. As mentioned before, our immune systems are very active in our digestive systems. Even as we need a balanced set of nutrients to have better immune system cell production in our body, we also need foods that are more fibrous, vitamins, and high-protein sources to round out our digestive tract’s immune response system.

2) Exercise should be a part of daily life. Our bodies require exertion to get our metabolic machines going. Exercise helps our bodies in many ways, for one, it helps jumpstart all the internal systems of the body, including our immune systems. This is the reason why people who exercise regularly tend to have less health issues in terms of sicknesses and infections.

3) Keep to a normal weight. Unbelievably, keeping ourselves as close to our ideal weight as possible affects our immune systems in a positive manner. Gaining weight actually puts a strain on our whole body, and it’s possible that our immune system will have some difficulty in deploying some of its components, once we weigh much more than the norm.

4) Minimize stress in your life. Stress has been proven to boost the creation of free radicals somehow, and for some reason, it lowers the production of immune system components in the body. It’s no myth that you can become sickly due to constant stress, or thanks to a highly stressful event.

It’s time to stop reading all those Dr. Mercola immune support reviews and try it out. After all, it’s better to be sure that you have a backup against sickness and other preventable medical issues.