The 5 Best Multivitamins for Children

The most precious things in life are our kids, and we want to make SURE we know they are getting the very best. These top multivitamins are the ones to consider, and are the very best for the growing minds and bodies of our children. Make sure you read this list before buying anything.

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Disney Multivitamins for Kids Reviews and Consumer Product Report

disney_princessDisney, while they have absolutely no experience with vitamins or health, does have a number of popular characters that they can put on the label of your child’s multivitamin.  While this can help with your child’s willingness to take the vitamin daily, the synthetic nutrients and some concerning ingredients may caution you to choose another brand of vitamin for your kids.  Obviously the Disney Brand needs no introduction, however we do recommend you take some time to compare the brand and see the vast differences between premium quality nutrients and synthetic laboratory manufactured nutrients.  You might be shocked to know the difference.

Disney Multivitamins for Kids Reviews

Disney vitamin brand is counting on you and your child to pick a product that has a favorite character on the label.  As parents, we understand the pull to our kids, and all things being equal, a nice character on the label is a bonus.  The problem for us, however, is that we know that these vitamins are inferior to the completion and the synthetic nutrientsdisney_cars leave a lot to be desired.  Most parents want the best for their children, whenever it is affordable.  Luckily, there are now premium vitamins that deliver the very best nutrients without passing the expense along to consumers.

Disney multivitamins are tasty gummies that children will enjoy.  Most kids are more than happy to pop these in their mouth and get the nutrients you need them to take.  The characters only aid in that process.  Princesses for girls, heros for boys, there is an option for all kids.  Unfortunately, however, there are superior vitamins on the market.  While you don’t have to sacrifice the taste, price or quality, you may have to get a vitamin without a disney character on the bottle.  This Vitamin contain 11 daily nutrients needed to support your kid’s health and make sure develop accordingly.

Your children need their nutrients.  Brain and body both are developing and without the proper nutrients, that development suffers.  Doctors recommend a daily multivitamin for children who do not eat all the vegetables, proteins, and fruits on their plate.  Also for those who, for one reason or another, do not have each essential nutrient given to them daily through foods.  A multivitamin from whole foods sources is ideal.  Disney does not offer such a vitamin.

Warning: The nutrients contained in Disney vitamins are synthetic and are manufactured in a lab, not harvested from fruits and vegetables.  Many parents are looking for higher quality ingredients, sourced from whole foods.  If you want a better vitamin for your loved ones, examine our comparison chart to see which brands rated the best in this regard. 

disney_frozenAs parents we want the best for our children.  Here is a fact that you can’t ignore when choose a multivitamin for our kids.  Multivitamins are not created equally, you can get your nutrients from whole foods sources, or you can get make them in a lab.  Disney makes theirs in a lab or buys synthetic nutrients from a lab and puts them in their vitamins.   You can, however, purchase Premium Vitamins, with better ingredients, for the same price as Disney.

We recommend that you continue your search and pass up on the lure of disney characters on the bottle.  That is the only benefit that the products really offer.  We suggest you continue your search.  Read our reviews and reports and be sure to check out the comparison chart to see which kids multivitamin is the best for your loved ones.