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Dermagist Hydropeutic Body Lotion Reviews Impress Our Editor

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There are body lotions and then there is the Dermagist Hydropeutic Body Lotion. While most lotions stay focused on moisturizing the skin and little else, the Hydropeutic Body Lotion steps up delivering much more. Yes it provides your skin deep moisture, but it also focuses on restoring and healing your skin, while protecting it from environmental damage. But what makes this body lotion so incredibly popular is the fact that it also firms and tones loose wrinkled skin.

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No matter what age you are, chances are your arms and legs have seen some sun, perhaps even too much. We have all had a sunburn before and even though we understand the risks, a nice tan come summer time often remains on the to do list. Over the years, our activities directly impact our skin and while we tend to focus on areas like the face primarily, the truth is that our entire body shows the effects of environment. Whether premature aging skin or just dry and irritated is your motivation, the Dermagist Hydropeutic Body Lotion is the answer you have been searching for.


The quality of the skin care products we use comes directly from the ingredients it contains. Dermagist has a long standing reputation for using only the highest quality ingredients, so when they released the Hydropeutic Body Lotion a few years back, we knew something special was in the air. Dermagist really delivered, providing a body lotion that will moisturize and nourish the skin. It heals and soothes damaged skin cells. It protects your skin from further environmental damage. But what has everyone in the industry buzzing about this lotion, is that it actually lifts and firms the skin, making it ideal for those who are advancing in years.

Shea Butter – This rich moisturizer has been the building block of body lotions for years. When combined properly with accompanying ingredients, Shea Butter will keep your skin soft, supple and it even aids in the firming of the skin. Shea Butter deeply nourishes your skin cells, giving them the nutrients they need to heal and protect themselves from the environment.

SesaFlash – This all natural ingredient deeply moisturizes the skin and binds moisture to the skin cells. It is derived from the sesame and it has tremendous lifting and firming properties. Used in the highly popular neck restoration cream, SesaFlash is seldom found in a body lotion due to the cost of the ingredient. The Dermagist Hydropeutic Body Lotion is designed to lift, tone and firm the skin, removing wrinkles and fine lines.

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Green Tea Extract – Green Tea has been touted in recent years to reduce sun damage. By blocking the free radicals caused by UV rays, Green Tea can reduce wrinkles, as well as help reduce sun spotting or molted pigmentation caused by UV rays.

Lavender -Lavender is primarily known for its calming and soothing properties, however its properties will provide a deep nourishing tonic for not only your skin, but your entire system. From reducing inflammation to the treatment of damaged or burned skin, Lavender is a well established component in skin care.

Chamomile Extract – Chamomile’s properties are responsible for soothing inflammation. Chamomile promotes granulation and cellular regeneration, which is the number one most effective way to maintain skin health. From the removal of wrinkles to the elimination of sun damage, redness and spotting, Chamomile is the ideal ingredient for any body lotion.

White Tea Extract – White Tea protects the skin from oxidative stress and immune cell damage.  White tea is so impressive to the health of your skin, that scientists believe that white tea is an important weapon for some consumers in the battle against skin cancer. The powerful antioxidant properties are fantastic for a body lotion, especially those of us who have gotten “some sun” over the years.

Tangerine Oil – Tangerine oil has a popular history due to its anti oxidant powers of protection. By repelling the free radicals which lead to damaged and prematurely aging skin, Tangerine Oil is an essential aspect of protecting your skin. It also prevents the sagging and loosening of skin that is common as we age. In addition, tangerine oil stimulates cellular regeneration, increasing collagen and elastin production. This results in a thicker dermal matrix and wrinkle free skin.

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The Dermagist Hydropeutic Body Lotion Reviews have shown that Dermagist offers a number of options to its customers. Depending on your budget, Dermagist offers options which you can afford. 1 Bottle sells for $34.99 (one time purchase). 2 Bottles sells for $54.98 (one time purchase). You can also sign up to receive regular deliveries of Dermagist Hydropeutic Body Lotoin for 20% OFF. Price is $27.99 and it is delivered to you every 45 days.


Each bottle of Dermagist Hydropeutic Body Lotion contains 8 oz and is a 60 day supply of product. Our Dermagist Hydropeutic Body Lotion Reviews have shown that it is recommended to be used twice daily, in the morning and the evening. Each bottle will last 60 days using it as recommended.

Information Reported Online

Most of the time that you look for reviews and independent reviews of a body lotion online, the results are fairly sparse. Perhaps it is because the price of body lotions are typically less than other facial skin care products. Perhaps it is because less consumers want to read body lotion reviews than they do wrinkle cream ones. Either way, we were shocked to find the number of websites with pages dedicated to the Dermagist Hydropeutic Body Lotion Reviews.

After reviewing the information out there, the overwhelming opinion of the Dermagist Body Lotion is that it is wonderful. Deep moisture, gentle soothing of skin, and amazing results have been reported. It reverses long term sun damage while protecting the skin from future damage from the environment. Oh yeah! Let’s not forget it firms the skin, causing many women across America a great deal of pleasure.

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In a Nut Shell

Dermagist takes the time to think of everything before they roll out a product. Many skin care companies rush to get a product released, missing vital opportunities to really “wow” their users. Our Dermagist Hydropeutic Body Lotion Reviews have shown us that Dermagist understands this common mistake very well, and they refuse to make it. Attention to detail and the willingness to spend the extra money to include the exact right ingredients, has made the Hydropeutic Body Lotion a Best Selling Body Lotion.

As our “Editor’s Choice,” we feel extremely confident recommending this body lotion to our readers and we believe you will be as  equally impressed as we were. Moderately priced, 8 oz of therapeutically healing body lotion is exactly what the “doctor has ordered” for your dry aging skin.