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Dermagist Hydro-Renewal Hand Cream Reviews Earn Editors Choice Award

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The marketplace for hand creams has evolved quite a bit over the past 5-10 years. As more and more anti aging facial treatments found success in the marketplace, manufacturers turned their attention to creating hand creams that also contained anti aging properties. While many of these attempts have been unsuccessful “flops,” there has been a clear shift in consumer expectations from hand creams. The Dermagist Hydro-Renewal Hand Cream Reviews showed that Dermagist understands that there are two important types of consumers for hand creams. One type is looking for deep, sealing moisture to keep their dry hands nourished. The second type also wants that, but they want real, therapeutic anti aging treatment too! The Dermagist Hydro-Renewal Hand Cream is the perfect blend of both.

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The Dermagist Hydro-Renewal Hand Cream is designed to treat and heal damaged skin caused by dry cracked hands. Its deep moisturizing properties moisturize the skin and build a protective layer, keeping your hands safe from the environment. But this hand cream does not stop there, it also provides serious anti aging benefits as well. Containing many of the same ingredients as their popular wrinkle creams and serums, Dermagist Hydro-Renewal Hand cream will reduce wrinkles, eliminate sun or aging spots and thicken the dermal matrix. This hand cream leaves your skin feeling soft, nourished and years younger.


Many consumers pay close attention to the ingredients in their skin care products, and rightfully so. The ingredients that your hand creams contain directly affect how the product is going to work and what you can expect from the product. Many consumers prefer to use all natural ingredients, others are just looking to make sure the product is going meet their expectations. Regardless of reason, the diligent and most effective way to choose skin care products is to examine the ingredients closely. Dermagist Hydro-Renewal Hand Cream Reviews show that it contains only the highest quality, all natural ingredients.

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Super Sterol Liquid – drastically improves moisture content within your skin cells. Leaving your skin supple and deeply hydrated. Super Sterol Liquid is a cholesterol based ingredient designed to treat cracked, and wrinkled, dry and rough hands. It also restores and repairs the skin’s barrier layer, protecting the skin from any further damage in the future due to exposure to the elements.

Ferula Foetida Extract – This is where this hand cream gets interesting. Ferula Foetida is known as the all natural age spot remover. Penetrating to the cellular level of the skin to reverse the condition, age and sun spots fade rapidly. If age spots or discoloration on your hands leave you looking older than necessary, Ferula Foetida Extract can make the changes you need.

Matrixyl – This copper peptide is a very popular wrinkle removal ingredient in the industry. Matrixyl has been highly effective for Dermagist in their popular wrinkle creams and serusm. In the Dermagist Hydro Renewal Hand Cream, matrixyl smoothes away wrinkles and creases common on the hands as we age. It also stimulates new skin cell growth increasing collagen and elastin, while thickening the skin on aging hands.

Niacinamide – The sun spots or age spots that trouble so many consumers can be quickly removed with Niacinamide. Known as an anti inflammatory and anti oxidant, this ingredient wipes away discoloration and inflammation so effectively it is commonly used in the by consumers for treatment acne and even rosacea. Many experts are excited about the combination of Niacinamides and Ferula Foetida at the same time.  Discoloration will be a thing of the past.

Licorice Root Extract – Licorice’s use on the skin is well documented and it has been being used for centuries. Predominantly known as an anti inflammatory and anti oxidant, licorice will calm irritated skin. Dry, cracked hands get inflamed, leaving sore damaged tissue. The inflammation makes healing the wound more difficult. Licorice will sooth the tissue, allowing for a rapid recovery. In short, it heals the cracks faster so you can move on to more important things.

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The Dermagist Hydro-Renewal Hand Cream Reviews have shown that Dermagist offers a number of options to its customers. Depending on your budget, Dermagist offers options which you can afford. 1 Bottle sells for $34.99. 2 Bottles sells for $54.98. You can also sign up to receive regular deliveries of Dermagist Hydro-Renewal Hand Cream for 20% OFF. Price is $27.99 and it is delivered to you every 45 days.

Buy at or Order by Phone 1-888-273-8011

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Each bottle of Dermagist Hydro-Renewal Hand Cream contains 4 oz and is a 60 day supply of product. Our Dermagist Hydro-Renewal Hand Cream Reviews have shown that it is recommended to be used twice daily, in the morning and the evening. Each bottle will last 60 days using it as recommended.

Information Reported Online

Reading hand cream reviews online is not quite as easy as finding wrinkle cream reviews or neck cream reviews. There is a great amount of information out there to read and digest, but you need to look for smaller resources like Mommy Bloggers, or smaller organizations who take the time and pride in their work to review all types of skin care products. Our Dermagist Hydro-Renewal Hand Cream Reviews found a wealth of amazing information from a series of smaller, low traffic websites. Many of them had reviewed the Dermagist Hydrating Spa System, a 3 product system which contains the Hydro Renewal-Hand Cream. Every single review and testimonial we read gave a glowing review of this groundbreaking hand cream.

In a Nut Shell

In summation, our Dermagist Hydro-Renewal Hand Cream Reviews indicates that this hand cream is of the highest quality.   As such it was named our “Editor’s Choice!”

Whether you are looking for serious dry hands treatment or you are more focused on the anti aging benefits, Dermagist has delivered a winner with this hand cream. You can have the best of both worlds. The Hydro-Renewal Hand Cream is affordable, highly effective and well received by its users. You can feel confident in choosing this hand cream as we feel confident in recommending its use to you.