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This is our Favorite Eye Gel – Editor’s Choice Winner

Our Editor’s Choice

When we select the Editor’s Choice for Eye Cream, we are focused on 3 primary objectives that the winner MUST satisfy.

***Before the Review Gets Started, Here are links to PDF reports on the CLINICAL evidence that the Ingredients Actually Work:

Matrixyl Clinical (wrinkles)    Haloxyl Clinical (dark circles)    Eyeliss Clinical  (under eye bags)

1.  First and Foremost is the reduction of wrinkles around, under and to the sides of the eye.  We’re talking about the crows’ feet, the smile lines, and also the “saggy” sort of wrinkles that appear under the eye.   Not “bags” per say, but loose skin under the eye.

What is the best way to handle wrinkles?  It’s science, and Dermagist’s Eye Gel is packed full of it.  The ingredients of this eye gel will be the theme of why we love it so much, but for now, we’ll talk about what ingredients eradicate wrinkles, and quick.  Here is a link to their Website to Learn more or Buy

The first wrinkle-zapper they include is Matrixyl.   Matrixyl is a copper peptide that makes your skin produce collagen and elastin.   Wen we are young, our skin produces plenty, which is why our young skin is firm, tight, and wrinkle free.   When we get older, however, our skin slows or even stops making Collagen and Elasitin.  But Matrixl is the magic bullet in that regard.   It actually tricks your skin into thinking that you’re young again, and kick-starts the production of Collagen and Elastin, which will firm, smooth, and tighten your skin.   Thus, making the wrinkles go away.

2.  Getting Rid of those puffy, under-eye bags.    We know, life is hectic and often times lack of sleep is blamed for these stubborn bags that make us look so old.  But, they can be fixed.  There is a little known, and VERY Expensive ingredient called Eyeliss, that does the trick.   It’s made by a company in France, and only the finest of eye creams, designed to get rid of under-eye bags contain it.   It basically breaks down the fatty globules that accumulate in the thinner skin under the eye.   The globules can make their way into your system, and then the body can naturally break them down.   This will NOT happen, without the benefit of an ingredient like Eyeliss, and NO eye cream could be our Editor’s Choice without it.

3.  Fading Dark Rings and Darkness Around the Eye.   The Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel absolutely ERASES dark circles around the eye.   It contains Haloxyl, which is a peptide that attacks that darkness immediately.    That “dark circle” is actually accumulated blood particles that have leaked out of blood capillaries.  So, for a treatment to be as Good as Dermagist, it needs to stop the leakage by strengthening the capillary walls, AND it needs to help the body break up and eliminate the blood particles that leaked out already.    Without both of those aspects, the permanent solution to dark circles around the eye can’t be fixed.   Fortunately, Dermagist’s Eye Revolution Gel contains Haloxyl and has the ability to completely solve the issue of dark circles.

These 3 Main Concepts about a “Superior Eye Cream” are why Dermagist won our editor’s choice award.

Clients, whether or not they care about just one, or all three of these aspects RAVE ABOUT the success they have from Dermagist.   It absolutely dominates the market, as far as we are concerned, and should be your first choice,  no matter your condition.

Get to their Site to Learn more or Buy

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Phone:  1-888-771-5355
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