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Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel Reviews Grabs Attention of Our Editor

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The area that most men and women are concerned with as they age is the eye area. There are many reason for this including the number of signs of aging that are common in the eye area. Many skin care companies capitalize on consumers and offer a treatment for each type of symptom. One for dark circles, another for wrinkles. One cream for puffiness and another for upper eye lids. Trying to heal all the signs of aging can cost a small fortune. Our Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel Reviews revealed that consumers can get top of the line anti aging eye treatment without the additional cost and hassle of multiple treatments. In our opinion, The Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel is your one stop shop for quality anti-aging eye care.

dermagist eye revolution gel reviewsThe Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel is a light hybrid serum. Because this treatment is half serum and half gel, this treatment absorbs quickly delivering the active ingredients to the source of the problem like a gel would, but it drys to the touch and is very light, allowing users to continue to wear make up and build upon the treatment. The eye gel is designed to eliminate dark circles, puffiness and eye wrinkles. It will lift and firm the skin while providing the skin the necessary nutrients it needs to look and remain vibrant.

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As you may be aware, the Dermagist brand has a long standing reputation for using only the very best ingredients. The products are all natural, all vegan in fact. The scientists at have studied the best treatments for aging eyes and have given users not only the best active ingredients to heal their skin, but also the very best delivery method of those active ingredients. Make no mistake about it, the hybrid gel serum that Dermagist uses in the Eye Revolution Gel is just as impressive as the active ingredients themselves. It is the combination of the ingredients + the gel / serum that gave our Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel Reviews such positive feedback.

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Haloxyl – This formula is designed to target dark circles under the eyes. By penetrating to the cellular level of the skin, Haloxyl is designed to absorb and eliminate blood originated pigemenation. (the source of dark circles). In addition to eliminating the dark, unsightly appearance Haloxyl will also work the firm and tone the skin of the eye area. Even more impressive is how this active ingredient works to thicken capillary walls to prevent further blood seepage.

dermagist eye gel reviewsMatrixyl – This copper peptide has been the leading wrinkle and fine line treatment on the market for years. By rapidly stimulating new skin cell growth, collagen and elastin, Matrixyl is able to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, no matter how established they may have become. While not an overnight fix for wrinkles, Matrixyl is by far one of the more popular long term treatment for wrinkles that money can buy.

Eyeliss – Eyeliss is designed to eliminate puffy eyes and under eye bags. The Eyeliss formula consists of multiple peptide molecules that reverse the specific deficiencies that cause puffiness and the appearance of bags. By breaking up and draining the fluids and globules that can accumulate under the eyes, Eyeliss can eliminate the puffiness you see under your eye. In addition, it firms the skin and tightens the skin where the bags used to be. According to reviews the fast acting nature and long term results is what has made Eyeliss such a great addition to the Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel.

Plant Based Stem Cells – Harvested from a specific apple species found in Switzerland, these plant stem cells act as a turbo boost for cellular regeneration. Adopting the properties of your skin cells, you can increase the speed of collagen and elastin production as well as thicken the dermal matrix. What this means to you is that no matter which symptom of aging eyes is bothering you the most, these Stem Cells will ensure you get the results you want, fast!


The Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel Reviews have shown that there 3 options for consumers to choose from when purchasing from One bottle of the Eye Revolution Gel sells for $99.99 (one time purchase). Dermagist also offers a Buy One bottle Get One Bottle 70% OFF option as well, so 2 bottles are $129.99 (one time purchase). The third and final option to choose from is to agree to automatic deliveries of the Eye Revolution Gel. In exchange you can save 20% and receive it every 45 days for only $79.99.


Each bottle of the Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel is 0.5 oz. Because it is a gel-serum hybrid, very little of the product is used during each application as the product stretches quite well. Our Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel Reviews revealed that many consumers could actually use one bottle for closer to 60 days . According to Dermagist, each bottle lasts roughly 45 days, using it both in the morning and in the evening, every day.

Information Reported Online

As is the case with most Dermagist Skin Care Products, the users of the Eye Revolution Gel are fiercely loyal. We found thousands of independent reviews published by mothers, housewives, professional shoppers, skin care experts, etc. The one thing that all of these reviews had in common was that the user was extremely impressed with the quality and effectiveness of the product.  It seems that the Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel is not a new comer to the eye cream industry, as it has many, many loyal users

It also is worth noting that Dermagist has a Facebook fan page that is packed with testimonials and user comments. Over 82 thousand at the time we checked, and the page is littered with real life users that swear this is the best eye cream ever.

In a Nut Shell

After close examination by our editor, our Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel Reviews have established that this eye cream is well worth the high rating many users give it. In our opinion, we can strongly recommend its use to our readers, without exception. The ingredients are of the highest quality, and users report great results.

The Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel is moderately priced and is a tremendous value for those consumers who have more than one symptom of aging in the eye area. For example, someone with puffiness as well as wrinkles would be forced to purchase two products vs. one bottle of Dermagist. With treatments of this quality, the price of the product is forgotten when the benefit of its use is realized.

The product can be purchased directly from They have a number of products to treat aging skin and the Eye Revolution Gel is one that we certainly recommend.