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Dermagist Acne Clarifying System Reviews Earn Editors Choice Award

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When first released to the public, the Dermagist Clarifying System for acne prone skin was truly groundbreaking. As it has been out for almost 5 years, the industry has changed a great deal during that time. What has not changed, however, is consumer desire to find safe, effective treatments for acne prone skin. Dermagist has a long standing reputation for using all natural, safe ingredients that have proven to be highly effective. The Dermagist Clarifying System Reviews has shown us this all natural acne treatment is equally effective as many of the Benzoyl Peroxide based formulas, without all the side effects.

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Armed with calming agents and the nourishment your irritated acne prone skin needs, the Dermagist Clarifying System consists of two individual treatments. The Detoxifying Cleanser eliminates excess dirt and oils while exfoliating dead and damaged skin cells that can lead to breakouts. Along with the Clarifying Cream, this system will quickly eliminate the redness and swelling of acne breakouts. This allows your skin to better heal itself. The clarifying system also removes acne causing bacteria faster than Benzoyl Peroxide and it does so without all of the long term risk. If getting fast acne relief is important to you, then this safe, all natural acne treatment is the solution you have been looking for.


The treatment of acne prone skin has evolved a bit over the years. For many years scrubbing the skin and harsh exfoliants were used. Chemical based drying ingredients were used to dry up the excess oils, and while often effective, there was some serious long term side effects. As scientists have learned more about skin care, they have realized that helping your skin heal itself, is actually faster than using chemicals to alter the appearance of your skin. The Dermagist Clarifying System Reviews have shown us this principal making a believer out of us all.

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The Detoxifying Acne Cleanser – This wonderful cleanser leaves your skin feeling cleaned, refreshed and healthy. Gently exfoliates the dead or damaged skin cells while delivering your skin what it needs to heal itself from future acne breakouts. Many consumers feel that this cleanser is powerful enough to heal acne all by itself. It contains Tangerine Oil, Resveratrol, Chamomile Extract and Aloe Vera to name a few.

The Dermagist Clarifying Cream – This powerful acne treatment can be used as a spot treatment or used over the entire face. The cream uses Resveratrol, among other ingredients, which rapidly eliminates acne causing bacteria. Oxford University Study has published that Resveratrol is equally effective than its harsh chemical counter parts like Benzyol Peroxide. AND Resveratrol is all natural, eliminating all of the long term side effects of treating acne with chemicals.

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Our Dermagist Acne Clarifying System Reviews revealed that there are 3 different purchase options for consumers to choose from. 1 system (one time purchase) sells for $79.99. A 2 system purchase (one time purchase) sells for $119.98. You can also take advantage of their “replenish and save” option and save 20%. For $63.99 you can receive the Dermagist Clarifying System automatically every 45 days.

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Each Clarifying System will last you 60 days of using the product twice daily. Our Dermagist Clarifying System Reviews, however, showed that the cream was able to be stretched out significantly longer, as many users used it as a spot treatment rather than using over their entire face. While Dermagist claims both application methods are acceptable, your particular breakouts may dictate one method or the other.

Information Reported Online

The Dermagist Clarifying System Reviews showed that there are a large number of 3rd party reviews of the Dermagist Clarifying System on the internet.  While each users experience varies a bit the general consensus is that this is one seriously high powered acne treatment. For the obvious reasons, the all natural formula is extremely popular and consumers love that they can have healthy, acne free skin without the long term risks of scarring and premature aging.

It is not surprising to us to read these types of glowing reviews of Dermagist products. This is nothing new for the company. In fact, we found their Facebook account riddled with comments and testimonials from their users. Each person expressing their gratitude or excitement about the products. There are some heart wrenching stories and some uplifting ones, but each story ends with the same result, people are very thankful they found Dermagist Clarifying System.

In a Nut Shell

We understand that having an acne breakout is no fun, no matter what your age is. Teenagers often react emotionally as their “big day” is ruined by a pimple or breakouts. Adults, however, also react very emotionally to acne breakouts, although likely for different reasons. The point is that everyone that suffers from acne wants the breakouts to stop and stop immediately. Many times this leads consumers to jump from product to product without giving it time to work OR they risk serious long term skin damage to get the results they want today. Fortunately for us all, we don’t have take scary risks like that any more.

Visit their website where you can buy or learn more.

The Dermagist Clarifying System is our Editors Choice Winner!

If our Dermagist Clarifying System Reviews have taught us anything, its that fast, effective results are possible without causing long term damage to the skin. Calming and soothing the skin, while providing it the nutrients and ingredients it needs to combat acne on its own is by far the fastest and most effective acne treatment for your skin. As our Editor’s Choice, we can strongly recommend the use of the Dermagist Clarifying System to our readers.  You can feel confident in your purchase, whether it is your skin or your children’s skin you are looking to treat.