Sick of breakouts and harsh treatments that leave your skin red and irritated? Go straight to our report of favorite 10 acne treatments in the world.

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Dermagist Acne Clarifying Cream Reviews Shine.

The Dermagist Clarifying Cream for acne prone skin, is your one stop acne treatment.  The scientists at Dermagist made a huge impact in the market place a few years dermagist clarifying cream imageback when the capitalized on a research study performed at Oxford University.  The prestigious university was looking for an effective, all natural alternative to harsh, drying ingredients like benzoyl peroxide.  No one wants to trade acne breakouts for acne scars and premature aging, so finding an effective solution is important to us all.  In short, Resveratrol, an ingredient found in the skins of grapes, was proven to be just as effective on removing acne prone skin.  Dermagist,realizing what an amazing impact this will have on the skin of acne sufferers, was the first to use Resveratrol as a focal ingredient in acne treatment.

The Dermagist Clarifying Cream Reviews showed that this high powered acne cream contains all natural, acne fighting ingredients.  The formula focuses on healing the irritated, inflamed and damaged tissue, while removing acne causing bacteria.  When you eliminate inflammation and swollen tissue, your skin is better able to heal itself and fight off acne breakouts.  The elimination of acne causing bacteria allows users to enjoy clear, blemish free skin going forward.  The Dermagist Clarifying Cream is enjoyable to wear, it works well on all skin types including sensitive skin and best of all, it delivers real, fast results!


Most acne treatments rely upon a drying ingredient to manipulate the skin to prevent breakouts.  Benzoyl peroxide is a great example of that.  Users can see limited benefits the first week or so, however after that the breakouts come back and many times they come back worse.  The harsh ingredients can lead to premature aging, acne scars and a host of other skin issues.  Our Dermagist Clarifying Cream Reviews revealed that this acne cream is all natural and uses ingredients proven to heal the skin therapeutically, not just dry it out for effect.  The result is one fast acting acne cream that keeps your skin healthy and youthful looking long term.

Resveratrol – This all natural ingredient is found in the skins of grapes.  This anti inflammatory reduces redness and its anti oxidant properties help block damaging free radicals.  But what makes this ingredient so special to this acne cream is that it rapidly removes acne causing bacteria from the skin.  It is safe to use and has been proven by Oxford University to be more effective than Benzoyl Peroxide, without all of the potential side effects.

Niacinamides – Another all natural ingredient with exciting research regarding its ability to eliminate acne breakouts.  Its properties as an anti inflammatory, anti irritation and cellular turnover make it perfect in an acne cream.  Furthermore, Niacinamides also are proven to reduce the oil production within the skin.

Vitamin C – We have all heard of this vitamin before, but perhaps not as an acne remedy.  Vitamin C is a powerful anti inflammatory ingredinet, in other words, it takes the red out of your acne.  Removing the swollen tissue and visible redness is an essential step to clearer looking skin, and best of all, it helps your skin heal itself more quickly.

Price & Buying:

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The Dermagist Clarifying Cream Reviews have shown that Dermagist offers a number of options to choose from.  Dermagist offers options which you are sure to afford.  1 Bottle sells for $69.99.  2 Bottles sells for $104.99. You can also sign up to receive regular deliveries of Dermagist Clarifying Cream for 20% OFF.  Price is $55.99 and it is delivered to you every 45 days automatically.


Every jar of the Dermagist Clarifying Cream contains 1.7 fl oz. and is considered by Dermagist to be a 60 day supply of the clarifying cream.  The formula is designed to be used twice daily, typically in the morning and evening, to achieve clear, pimple free skin.  Our Dermagist Clarifying Cream Reviews showed that the cream can actually last users much longer depending on the size of the area with breakouts.  Keep that in mind when buying.

Information Reported Online

Finding information about the Dermagist Clarifying Cream online was a bit easier than it normally is with other acne treatments.  Most of the major acne information resource websites list Dermagist as one of the leading acne creams in the world.  The reports varied from authority websites such as acnecream.com all the way to mommy bloggers and teens who shared their experience with others online.  Even social media published reports and testimonials about the Dermagist Clarifying Cream, there was alot of information.  What shocked us, was that every single one of these reports gave a glowing recommendation for using the Dermagist Clarifying Cream.

Each testimonial or third party review we came across added another piece to the puzzle until we finally realized that this acne cream is serious special.  All natural, safe to use without long term risks of scarring and aging, but most of all, this cream is effective.

In a Nut Shell

If you suffer from acne breakouts you have tried a lot of products and combinations of products.  Some treatments prescribe scrubbing and others use harsh chemical based ingredients.  While you are focused on finding results, do not lose sight of the bigger picture.  Your skin is with you your entire life, trading pimple free skin for scarring and premature aging is a risk you should take seriously.  90% of the treatments on the market have serious risks with prolonged or regular use.  Dermagist is safe to use, it is highly effective and it actually focuses on healing your skin rather than just drying it out.

When you take a look at the big picture, our Dermagist Clarifying Cream Reviews have shown just how amazing and forward thinking this acne cream truly is.  It is affordable, it works just as fast if not faster than its chemical counter parts, it protects your skin long term from scarring and premature aging.  What is not to like about it?  We strongly recommend the Dermagist Clarifying Cream to our readers, you can feel confident you have found a winner with this acne cream.