Inside Report of the 10 Favorite Sleep Aids. Cut to the chase, and avoid the tons of sleep aids that just don't work. Find out the 10 WE LOVE based on effectiveness, value and safety.

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Comadoze reviews have it highly praised by our Editors

Comadoze is another Brand of Sleep Aid created by Dr. David Brodner, double board certified Sleep Medicine Specialist in Palm Beach, FL.  Dr. Brodner takes a “big picture” Comadoze Reviewsapproach to sleep aids, understanding that getting sleep is part of the problem, but also feeling rested and refreshed come morning time.  Finally getting to sleep, only to have a sleeping pill hangover all day that effects your day / job just as much as your current fatigue.  Comadoze can change all of that !  This wonderful sleep puts users to sleep fast and integrates ingredients to help you wake up feeling rested, focused and ready for the day.

Because Dr. Brodner has such extensive “Real World” experience, his sleep formulas are created precisely as needed to maximize the results.  This practical experience has been the driving force behind this product.  Create a product that will work, work quickly and allow users to “Bounce Back” Refreshed the next day.  As a practicing physician, Dr. Brodner sees and speaks with patients every day and is constantly working with the latest advancements within the sleep medicine industry.  Comadoze is a reflection of those advancements and users are thrilled by the results!


Comadoze contains only all natural ingredients, and while it is highly effective, users awake refreshed and focused.  Many sleep aids contain similar ingredients, however it is important to realize that the true benefits of these ingredients comes from precise combination of ingredients, concentrations and formulations.  Comadoze is a perfect example of highly specific,  highly effective formula that most of us are hoping for!  Comadoze contains Diphenhydramine, Vitamin B6, L-Glutamine, 5HTP (tryptophan), Magnesium Citrate, Glycine, Calcium Citrate and Folic Acid.  With an amazing ingredient line up like this one, its no wonder why Comadoze is among the Nations Most Popular Sleep Aids.

Price and Buying

Comadoze Reviews have shown that this sleep aid is available online at Comadoze.com.  Each bottle Sells for $54.99.


Each bottle of Comadoze contains 100 Capsules.  The serving size is 1 capsule.  That makes this an unbelievable value, and one of the reasons we rate the product in such high regard.  This product fits all budgets.

Information Reported Online

There was not huge amounts of information about this sleep aid online.  But then again, this is not your typical sleep aid supplement sold by countless online marketers.  This is Doctor Created and Doctor Recommended, so its natural that there would be less hype and false reviews on the internet.  What surprised us was just how happy users were their sleep aid.  Most times, consumers are disappointed or at least give mixed reviews about the effectiveness of a sleep aid.  In the case of Comadoze almost every single user we came across was unquestionably happy and pleased by the results.  A far more loyal following than most that we have had a chance to research.

In a Nut Shell

If you are struggling with insomnia, or sleepless nights, there are many reasons why finding a solution is paramount.  Sure health concerns are a factor, and so is job performance, etc.  But what most people want to stop is the cycle of sleeplessness and frustration and clock watching.  Endless nights blur with exhausted days and your mood and entire life have begun to become affected.  Comadoze will put a stop to all of that!

Comadoze is specially formulated to put you to sleep quickly allowing to to achieve a fulfilling, restful sleep.  But what makes Comadoze so special is that it is non habit forming and it does not cause a “Hangover” or grogginess the following day.  Users awake refreshed, rested and ready to have a productive day.