Colon cleansing or colon support supplements have long been mistaken as laxatives. They are NOT. Find out which of these Vital supplements are the Very Best before you buy any.

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Colopure Colon Cleansing Supplement Reviews and Summary Report

Whenever there is new product that you want to try, it is of utmost importance that you invest some of your time learning more about it first. This is particularly true for Colopure Colon Cleansing Supplement Reviewssomething that you put inside your body – such as a nutritional supplement. So if you are interested in purchasing the colon cleansing product from Central Coast Nutraceuticals, you should not hesitate to read as many Colopure Colon Cleansing Supplement reviews as you can.

Fortunately, you have landed on the right site. We are proud of the truthfulness and the honesty of all the product reviews that we come up with. Our goal is to help make consumers become more educated, especially since what is at stake here is their health and well-being. So with this being said, you can rest assure that our very own Colopure Colon Cleansing Supplement review is as unbiased as it can get.

A Quick Overview on the Colopure Colon Cleanser

Let’s begin this colon cleansing supplement review by providing you with a quick product overview.

Basically, the Colopure Colon Cleansing Supplement was formulated and developed by Central Coast Nutraceuticals. While it is being marketed as a colon cleansing product, it is also touted to have several other benefits. The product being able to quickly get rid of impurities, enhance the health and appearance of the skin, reduce gas and belatedness, as well as limit water retention are just some of what the manufacturer claims it can do.

With all of these benefits, there is no longer a need to wonder why Colopure is also being touted as a weight loss supplement. Consumers who will purchase the product are recommended to take at least one up to three pills on a daily basis so that they will be able to enjoy maximum results. One pill before bed time and additional dosages, as required, is all it takes to get the best out of the product

All in all, the manufacturing company promises that the Colopure Colon Cleansing Supplement come with a formula designed for both male and female consumers. Essentially, anyone who wants to get rid of all the waste they are carrying inside their bodies are said to be able to benefit from the religious and proper use of the colon cleanser.

Compare Colopure Colon Cleansing with the Best Cleansing Treatments on the Market

What Goes into the Colopure Colon Cleansing Supplements?

You should understand that reading Colopure Colon Cleansing Supplement reviews that just state its pros and cons is not really sufficient. In order for you to be completely aware of what the product is, what it can do, and what it cannot do, you should also learn about the ingredients that go into them.

So here are the key, active components used in the manufacturing of the colon cleanser from Central Coast Nutraceuticals.

1.        Psylium Seed – Psyllium is a type of dietetic fiber that is not digested by the small intestines. Rather, it is said to pass directly through the digestive system, absorbing excess and unused water and then removes it from the body as waste.

2.        Fennel Seed – This ingredient, aside from being used in many cuisines from all over the world for its taste, is also very common in nutritional supplements. The reason for this is because it is believed to support a healthier appetite as it promotes healthier and more efficient food digestion.

3.        Buckthorn Bark – Buckthorn bark is also perceived as a gentle, yet effective laxative that eliminates waste from the body in a more efficient, natural manner.

4.        Goldenseal – The Colopure Colon Cleansing Supplement makes use of whole Goldenseal herbs. It is popular for its anti-inflammatory properties as well as its antimicrobial effects. Like the Buckthorn bark, it is also used as a gentle laxative.

5.        Cascara Sagrada Bark – The effects and the properties of the Cascara Sagrada Bark are similar to those of the Goldenseal herb.

6.        Rhubarb Root – Rhubarb is not only great for pies; its root has also been used for ma

7.        Licorice Root – Aside from being a popular treatment and remedy for abdominal ulcers, Licorice root has also shown positive effects on bowel movement.

8.        Ginger Root – Some studies that have been done on this ingredient showed that it reduces inflammation in the colon within just a short period of time. It can also treat stomach upsets, diarrhea, and nausea.

Colopure Colon Cleansing Supplement – The Good and the Bad

Before we conclude this Colopure Colon Cleansing Supplement review, let’s just go through the product advantages and disadvantages first.


o        A free trial is being offered for those who are interested in testing out the ColoPure Colon Cleansing Supplement.

o        The ingredients that are highlighted by the manufacturing company are all-natural, herbal, and organic.

o        Several positive reviews of the colon cleanser can be found online.


o        Many users of the colon cleansing nutritional product have reported that it took at least 3 months before they noticed the results of using it.

o        The ingredients used in the manufacturing of the Colopure supplements are the same as that of other colon cleansers available today.

o        Proof that the colon cleansing supplement can also significantly assist in weight loss cannot be found anywhere.

o        Some of the components of the product, since they are commonly used as laxatives, can induce diarrhea.

o        With the colon cleanser making use of Licorice Root, it is absolutely a must that pregnant women should not take the supplements.

The Verdict – Can We Recommend the Colopure Colon Cleanser?

Like most of the other colon cleansing supplements available in the market, ColoPure doesn’t really have anything different to offer. Additionally since proof that it can help users achieve weight reduction does not exist (or can be hard to find as we didn’t locate any), we see this as a red flag. So with all this being said, we would have to disagree with what most raving Colopure Colon Cleansing Supplement review. Even if the ingredients used are quite helpful and beneficial to the body, we cannot really recommend it as a way to cleanse the colon.