Colon cleansing or colon support supplements have long been mistaken as laxatives. They are NOT. Find out which of these Vital supplements are the Very Best before you buy any.

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Colon Green Supplement Reviews and Consumer Shopping Summary

Most people don’t realize it, but their overall health is tied into how well their digestive system is functioning. And this isn’t just about how your stomach breaks down food – it’s Colon Green Supplement Reviewsabout how your colon, specifically, works to break the food down even more, so that your body can properly absorb all the nutrients that it needs to keep on running.

Colon cleanser supplements and why we need them

It should come as no surprise to people, but just like any external part of the body – and the gastrointestinal tract can be seen as an extension of the external areas of the body – cleansing should be done regularly.  That’s where colon cleanser products come in, as they can help detox your body.  The main target of the whole idea of detoxing your body, when it comes to the alimentary canal, is to remove waste matter from your digestive system. The idea here is that the waste matter, when left to decompose within the gastrointestinal tract, will give off substances that can be detrimental to the microflora within our gut. This could be because the substances will end up killing the beneficial bacteria, or they will encourage the growth of harmful bacteria communities.

The easiest way to detox your body would be to flush your system of all leftover waste matter and other materials that your body does not need for a healthy digestive system. This can be done either with fibers, or by using other means that can essentially do the same thing, which is clear your colon of disruptive elements, so to speak.

Compare Colon Green Supplement with the Best Colon Cleansers 

Another way to detox your body is to use two things that can help your digestive system become better:

Prebiotics – Prebiotics are integral to colon cleanser regimens that involve making the microflora of the intestines healthier. Simply put, prebiotics help create healthy, beneficial bacterial communities by having the right kind of food for them, similar to how you would use the right kind of mulch for your garden.

Probiotics – Probiotics, on the other hand, isn’t so much about detoxing your body as it is making sure that the right kind of substances are extracted from the food that you eat. This is done by introducing or strengthening bacterial communities that can help break down food in your gut, or they can do specific bacterial actions that can make digestion and waste matter disposal easier for you.

Colon Green Supplement Reviews

Now, some colon cleanser products, like Colon Green, actually do both ways of cleaning your digestive system. They are a combination of fiber supplement and probiotic support. However, in the case of Colon Green (if you’ve read the Colon Green Supplement reviews), special digestive enzymes are also introduced, to speed digestion along. This also helps digestion by making it easier for the waste matter to be eliminated from the system.

Sunfiber Guar Gum

This is one of Colon Green’s most important ingredients – if not the most important. Sunfiber Guar Gum is an all-natural dietary fiber supplement that can help detox your body. It can do this with the use of hydrolyzed guar gum, which can absorb liquids and turn into a gel form during the digestion process. This gel form provides a gentle cleansing process for detoxifying your body.

Probiotic components

Colon Green also has the following probiotic components: lactobacillus acidophilus, and lactobacillus sporogenes. These lactobacilli bacterial strains help the digestive process by minimizing constipation and other digestive discomfort, as well as helping in the breaking down of specific substances that can be a hindrance to proper digestion.

Enzymes for your intestines

Colon Green features lipase, protease, and amylase enzyme activity, all of which helps digestion and supports colon and intestinal health.

How much of Colon Green should I take?

The recommended dose is four capsules daily, to be taken with at least 16 ounces of water per time of ingestion. However, it’s a good idea to get used to Colon Green first, and you may have to start with only one tablet a day, and work your way up across four weeks to the recommended dosage. However, if you feel that in the process of detoxing your body, you’re overdoing the colon cleanser, then you should either dial back one capsule to see if what the maximum dose for you is.

If you wish to let a child use it, you should consult with a doctor first. The same goes for pregnant women.

Other Alimentary Guidelines

If you want to detox your body, you can actually make it a regular part of your life, by doing the following:

Set aside a weekend – Not all ways of detoxing your body will work perfectly. Do some research and experiment, finding the right regimen for you. It could be as simple as going on a special diet, or combining a diet with some exercise. In some cases, you should give about a week out of every year, taking the time out to do colon cleanser plan that might need you to stay at home while you are going through it.

Exercise – Moving your body is actually essential to detoxing your body. Aside from all the metabolic toxins that you will sweat out, physical movement also helps with digestion, and can improve how food moves through the gastrointestinal tract. It’s a good idea, however, to time your exercises, so you won’t be doing them when there’s still food in your stomach.

Remove stress – Obviously, stress disrupts many biological processes, and digestion is one of them. It’s even possible, some doctors believe, that stress changes the fundamental environment in your guy, rendering it more hospitable to dangerous bacteria. It’s no surprise that indigestion, constipation, or even what looks similar to food poisoning happens whenever you are experiencing high levels of stress. Aside from removing stress factors in your life, it would also be a good idea to practice yoga and other disciplines that can help you keep your stress levels naturally low anyway.

Stop thinking about how a colon cleanser could be embarrassing for you, and start thinking about how you can keep yourself healthy, by keeping your colon healthy.