Everywhere from a few bucks to hundreds, Moisturizers have become the largest market in skin care. Cut to the cream of the crop and identify the 10 that our staff favors over the rest.

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An Up Close Look at Clinique Happy Body Lotion

If you are on the search for the best body lotions, it is highly possible that one of the names included in your preferred brands is Clinique. Clinique has long since been an clinique happy body lotionestablished company in the industry of cosmetic, personal care, and skin care products, with a huge range of selection. One of its more popular offerings is the Clinique Happy Body Lotion.

This body lotion is more commonly known as the Clinique Happy Body Smoother. If you are looking for Clinique Happy Body Lotion reviews, you are on the right page, as we will provide you with all the important details about this product, as well as our own unbiased opinion of it. If you really wish to determine whether this is a product worth spending your time and money on, read on.

About Clinique – A Brief Overview on the Company that Developed this Skin Care Product

Clinique was the first ever attempt of Estee Lauder to expand its market via a brand that has a separate line and image. It debuted in the United States back in 1968 and has since then become one of the most preferred brands of skin care products geared towards women who are under the age of 30 concerned with a variety of skin problems, such as oily skin and acne breakouts. The brand is also well-known for its fragrance-free line of cosmetic and personal care products, something that a lot of consumers are looking for because these are less likely to result in skin reactions and irritations.

Clinique has had tremendous success since its establishments, and for many good reasons. However, this does not necessarily mean that all of the products developed by the company all provide great value. For you to further understand what makes this brand stand out as well as its pitfalls, here are some of its good and bad aspects.


  • Clinique offers some of the best selections of highly innovative moisturizers and state of the art serums packed full of ingredients that have been shown to greatly benefit the skin
  • Is well known for manufacturing high quality sunscreens
  • Some of the company’s Redness Solutions offerings bring about great results
  • Benzoyl peroxide product developed by the company delivers outstanding outcomes
  • Good selection of cleansers, self-tanning products, and eye makeup removers
  • A very impressive collection of foundations
  • Many of the Clinique’s products have been proven to be very effective as protection against the sun’s harmful rays
  • Products for darker skin tones are also available
  • Nice selection of concealers, mascaras, eyeshadows, loose power, and blush products
  • Prices of most of the company’s products are relative cheaper compared with many of its main competitors
  • Consistently receives good body lotion reviews


  • The 3-step skin care routine, while Clinique’s most popular regimen, does not live up to the claims the manufacturing company has made about it
  • Many of the clarifying lotions and beauty bar soaps are laden with irritants
  • The jar packaging makes the company’s otherwise high quality moisturizers appear downgraded
  • Regimens for individuals who have skin prone to acne are incomplete
  • Skin lightening products either do not have enough lightening agents or come with unproven ingredients

Compare Clinique with the Best Moisturizing Body Lotions

What Clinique Has to Say about Its Happy Body Lotion

Now that you know more about this company, it is time for us to discuss the Clinique Happy Body Lotion. Let us start with what the manufacturer has to say about it first.

  1. According to the manufacturing company, this body lotion is great for all skin types
  1. It is said to have a hint of citrus scent, which can relax and calm the senses
  1. The flowery fragrance adds to the soothing effects of the lotion on the skin
  1. It is a luxurious and very rich cream that completely hydrates the skin
  1. The non-greasy formula leaves the skin feeling smooth and silky
  1. It makes use of a unique formula designed to provide optimum moisturizing effects

Recommended Usage and Application

The Clinique Happy Body Lotion is recommended to be applied on skin that has been cleansed and exfoliated. This means that in order for you to achieve the ‘desired’ results, you would have to make sure that your skin is free of dirt. In other words, application should be done after taking a bath or a shower. In addition, the manufacturing company also recommends its use with its other products for you to enjoy longer lasting scent (like the Clinique Happy Body Wash and the Clinique Happy Perfume Spray).

The Pros and Cons of this Body Lotion

Just as what you would expect from a big name like Clinique, the Clinique Happy Body Lotion comes with a good number of benefits. However, it also has its drawbacks. Here is list detailing both the good and the bad about this body lotion.


  • Has a clean and fresh scent
  • Many consumers have reported that wearing the body lotion has drawn compliments from other people
  • Just a little amount of the body lotion is needed for every application
  • Scent lasts for quite some time
  • The quick absorbing formula goes on smoothly is easily absorbed by the skin
  • Non-greasy and is effective in smoothening and softening the skin


  • For more than $30, this body lotion from Clinique is quite expensive, especially when being compared with other products of the same category
  • Some users may find the citrus and flowery scent a little too strong for their tastes

Our Final Verdict

To conclude this Clinique Happy Body Lotion review, we can say that it is definitely a good product. If it was just priced a little lower, many consumers may actually find it as one of the best body lotions in the market. Price is basically its sole pitfall, since there are many other skin care products that can also do the same thing it can, but costs much lower. However, if you do not mind testing out the product and paying for more than $30, then by all means, you should try out the Clinique Happy Body Lotion.