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Clientele Estro Lift Neck Therapy Reviews and Consumer Report

Most people think about the face when it comes to beauty – and that’s no surprise, since your face is the one that they directly have to look at to interact with you. Many of the Clientele Estro Lift NeckTherapy Reviewsaesthetic standards in Western cultures take into account the idea of beauty as framed by the person’s face. Aside from the proportions of a woman’s figure, a woman’s face is an important factor in defining personal beauty.

The skin factor

It’s no surprise, then, that many anti-aging products are designed for the skin on a person’s face, while other anti-aging skin care products are relegated to everything else but the face. That can be a big mistake, as the quality of a person’s skin also has a certain sensual allure.

The neck as a standard of beauty

Most, if not all people understand it on a certain subconscious level: that the neck is sensual in its own way, that it also helps define personal beauty. For many cultures, the idea of a longer neck has become a standard of beauty, as is having smoother, more supple skin on the neck. In fact, some of the best skin care products are usually used not only on the face, but also on the neck.

Clientele Estro Lift Neck Therapy

Upon reading Clientele Estro Lift Neck Therapy reviews, people must be wondering what the Sacred Lotus Seed Extract is, and what it can specifically do for your neck’s skin.

The Sacred Lotus

The Sacred Lotus is the special ingredient in the Clientele Estro-Lift Neck Therapy anti-aging skin care product. The scientific name is Nelumbo nucifera, and is known as the Indian Lotus, Chinese water lily, Kamala, and Padma, too.

In terms of skin care, the sacred lotus extract is known to be a powerful antioxidant, due to the presence of phenolics, alkaloids, and saponins. There is also evidence that the extract also has an effect on lipids, which means that it can affect the layers under the skin, helping the skin firm up and become suppler, reducing the sagging that usually accompanies aging and wrinkles at the neck area. Flavonoids have also been detected, and traditionally, the sacred lotus lead extract has been used to treat obesity in China.

Sacred lotus leaf extract is also known to inhibit inflammatory responses, thanks to kaempferol, which inhibits the influx of cytokines and other substances. It’s not known yet exactly how, but this effect also ties into the antioxidant features of the extract.

Compare Clientele Estro Lift Neck Therapy with the Best Neck Creams

Finally, the most interesting chemical in sacred lotus extracts is the L-isoaspartyl methyltransferase (MT) enzyme. This enzyme is suspected of having the ability to repair proteins in the human body, with the effect of slowing down tissue and cell decay. This can then affect the aging process by lowering the damage that deterioration through aging does.


Clientele Estro Lift Neck Therapy also has various vitamins and antioxidants that can help with keeping the skin on your neck young-looking and smooth. Aside from that, Clientele has also added phytoestrogens, or plant-based ingredients that tend to act like estrogen hormones, when put in the human body. For skin care, this can help keep the biochemical balance, particularly for more mature women. In proper doses, this can help with preventing acne breakouts, inflammation, and changes in skin texture due to moisture content.

How all this works for your neck

The standard for beauty, when it comes to our necks, is all about the skin. The skin on your neck should be smooth, and with as little wrinkles as possible. And it’s not just about wrinkles. It’s about how firm and supple the skin is. Sagging skin will make a neck always look older, and the goal is to minimize sagging by keeping the connective tissue in the layer under the skin tighter and firmer.

This is where Clientele Estro-Lift Neck Therapy reviews tend to miss out. Clientele’s Estro-Lift anti-aging products aren’t just about the surface of the skin, they’re about the whole support structure of the skin underneath, too. Hence, the improvement of the skin on the surface isn’t the only thing you should look out for. What you should notice is how much firmer and tighter the skin will be on your neck, after a few weeks of Clientele’s Estro-Lift Neck Therapy. The best skin care products take care of the skin as a whole organic system, not just the surface.

Other ways to keep your neck looking good

Aside from using Top Quality Skin Care for your neck and face, you should do the following to lessen what your anti-aging skin care products have to work against.

Keep your neck covered up

Although it’s not necessary to cover your neck area all the time with a collar, if you’re going into a place that is very sunny or has dry winds blowing through, a collared shirt or a scarf will do wonders for preserving your neck’s skin against the dry wind, heat, and ultraviolet light.

Do make sure all of your neck is being worked on

If you have time, do allow your anti-aging products for your neck to have time to “breathe” after they have been applied, be it in the morning or the afternoon. You should also make sure that all make up is removed at night, even the “extra swatches” that you may have put at the upper area of your neck.

Don’t be harsh with manipulating your skin on your neck

Just like your face, you should be careful when handling your neck area. Do avoid trying to scratch an itch with your fingernails, and if you will apply anti-aging skin care products, do use gentle, circular motions, so you won’t unduly stress the skin, and give it more wrinkles.

Always keep yourself hydrated

It’s a good idea to bring a water bottle you can drink from, if you are traveling around. That way, you can give your skin cells the ability to raw on more water from your internal supply, so you won’t end up with parched-looking skin. If you have a small water sprayer for your skin, you should also spray some water on your neck when the atmosphere becomes too dry.