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Carb X 1000 Reviews and Consumer Product Summary Report

Carb X 1000 is a less recognized brand and operates predominantly online.  Despite what you may think, we have always Carb X 1000recommended that you NOT judge the book by its cover.  Sure some brands may look more reliable than others and we always have our initial impressions.  We are not asking you to ignore your guy instinct, but we are asking you to do your best not to rush to judgement until you have all the facts.  Carb X 100 is a product that has been on the market for a while and as such has a loyal following of users.

We decided to take a closer look at the product, where it retails and the overall reputation the brand and manufacturer seem to have within the industry.  The first thing that struck us was that some of the retailers of Carb X 1000 make quite a bit of claims about the product.  Claims may sound good, but too many of them in a concentrated area and you start to wonder about the motivations and accuracy of those claims.  The products are also sold on amazon, so you can easily see the reviews and testimonials of their users there.  While we all know the accuracy of those reviews can be manipulated, it is always a good idea to look over before you buy.

Carb X 1000 Reviews

Carb X 1000 Reviews are pretty well mixed to be honest.  Plenty of happy customers, as they say and a handful of negative reviews as well.  It is always difficult to interpret which reviews to “believe” and which ones to “ignore.”  Nowadays, very few organizations have a blemish free reputation online, in fact, blemish free may even be a red flag to some third part reviews sites.

That being said, after reading through the information and determining what information was valid, what was due to lack of understanding of white kidney bean extract and its workings, we came to a determination.  Overall, we believe that this formula is similar to many of the others on the market and of good, solid quality.

Supplement Facts and Dosage

Carb X 1000 Reviews report that each bottle contains 60 capsules. With the serving size of 2 capsules twice per day, each bottle will last you 15 days.  That makes the $39 purchase price look rather expensive, when you consider $80 a month.  Carb X uses the same Phase 2 white kidney bean that many other products on the market, in the same 1000mg.  Nothing groundbreaking.

Overall Impression

To be honest, we didn’t really have much of one.  There is nothing new about this formula and the brand does not have the same history or tradition as many brands on the market.  There was really nothing that jumped out at us about this product.  It was as if the same product has 90% of the marketplace was simply re-labeled and charged $39 for a couple week supply.

The product uses the same ingredients, at the same concentrations, but sells for slightly higher amount.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize what our recommendation is, there are other options out there with more value to consider.