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Report and Summary of A.C. Care Advanced Scar Cream

You may not have heard much about this scar cream brand just yet.  While rather visible in recent months online via their advertising campaigns, the product is a c care advanced scar cream reviewsstill unknown to the average consumer.  The A C Care Advanced Scar Cream Reviews have reported that according to the A. C. Care Website, there has never been a scar treatment complex quite like this one.  We have always been a supporter of specifically designed treatments, and we prefer to recommend a scar treatment that was designed for acne scars, rather than a general scar cream that can also be used on acne scars, as an after thought.

A C Care Advanced Acne Scar Cream Reviews have shown that this product uses a host of ingredients to soften the skin and provide it the essential nutrients it needs to best heal itself.  While many of the ingredients are familiar, one ingredient in A. C. Care stands out.  Bee Venom.  Traditionally, Bee Venom has been used to treat acne breakouts and pimples, however A. C. Care Advanced Acne Scar Cream also uses it in the treatment of acne scars.  It is always exciting to see a fresh take on skin care, we were interested in learning more about how this cream works.


We were very interested in the ingredients listed in this scar cream.  While most of the ingredients are well known to us, some of their properties are being used in non-traditional ways to treat and heal scar tissue.

Bee Venom – this ingredient has been used in acne treatments as well as anti aging treatments.  It increases the circulation and gently plumps the skin, allowing other nutrients to be absorbed more easily into the skin.

Royal Jelly – Aids in the skin renewal process and stimulates the production of collagen within the skin.  Typically used in anti aging products, Royal Jelly would work to smooth the rough bumpy texture of acne scars and to aid in wound healing.

Alpha-Bisabolol- This thick oil is found in the German Chamomile plant.  Its function in skin care improves the appearance of damaged or dry flaky tissue.  it will also work to reduce discoloration within the skin.  Reducing the visibility of and appearance of acne scars.

Price and Buying

Our A.C. Care Advanced Acne Scar Cream Reviews have shown that this product is also called the A. C. Care Repair Complex.  Do not be confused by this, they are one in the same product.  The product is available through the manufacture’s website.  There is a good bit of information there to review.  Each bottle of A. C. Care sells for $52.00

Compare A C Care Scar Cream with the Best Acne Scar Products


We were only able to locate one size that you can purchase this A. C. Care Advanced Acne Scar Cream.  Each bottle contains 60 ml of product, which should last you roughly 30 days.

Information Reported Online

There is not a great deal of information reported online about this product.  It is still fairly new and as such there is not a host of consumer opinions to review.  While the marketing and hype about this product seems exciting, we are eager to watch and see how things unfold with this acne scar cream.  The ingredients it contains theoretically are beneficial to skin renewal and that is what is necessary to heal damaged skin tissue and remove the scarring associated with acne.

In a Nut Shell

While this is a new product and it is difficult to separate what is marketing hype and what is real, honest reviews.  We are intrigued by the bee venom and the royal jelly as active ingredients.  Of course they have been used before in skin care products, without a tremendous amount of success.  In the past, formulas like this one have left the skin feeling soft, moisturized and healthy looking.  While we cannot judge its performance on acne scars from past products, we expect more of the same.

Acne scars requires specific treatment, and Our A. C. Care Advanced Scar Cream Reviews have shown that they too agree.  This skin repair complex is designed to eliminate the symptoms of acne scars.  We are excited to see how consumers react to this product and we will be sure to share more information with you as soon as we have it.