Everywhere from a few bucks to hundreds, Moisturizers have become the largest market in skin care. Cut to the cream of the crop and identify the 10 that our staff favors over the rest.

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Burberry Brit Moisturizing Lotion Report and Reviews

Drinking ample amounts of water in a day can help you rejuvenate and hydrate your skin, but most dermatologists believe that drinking water is simply enough. To get burberry brit body moisturizing lotionsupple, healthy and moisturized skin, people are advised to lather moisturizing lotions frequently. Although moisturizing lotions have its perks, there are those who avoid these because of their sensitive skins. For people with sensitive skin, the wrong lotion could lead to breakouts and other forms of skin irritation. In cases like these, people opt to use special non-irritating moisturizing lotions. The Burberry Brit Moisturizing Lotion is highly recommended by dermatologists for individuals with dry and sensitive skin. This moisturizing lotion claims to have a formula that was designed to penetrate deeply the tissues of the skin to provide maximum nourishment and hydration. But is this moisturizing lotion all that it claims to be? Read our review to find out.

Burberry Brit Moisturizing Lotion Reviews 

Dry skin is a problem that plagues men and women everywhere. The easiest way to get rid of this problem is by getting a good skin care routine. The Burberry Brit Moisturizing Lotion not only moisturizes the skin. It also promises to protect the skin barrier. Since it has a non-comedogenic solution, it doesn’t block the pores of the skin thus preventing any breakouts or blackhead formation. The Burberry Brit Moisturizing Lotion does not interact with any drugs. Dermatologists prescribe Burberry Brit to people with dry, itchy or sensitive skin.

Where You Can Get the Burberry Brit Moisturizing Lotion

Although the Burberry Brit Moisturizing Lotion isn’t heavily advertised unlike other skin care products, it can be found in virtually every drug store, grocery store or mall in the country.

Advantages of Using the Burberry Brit Moisturizing Lotion

Many people today are now using the Burberry Brit Moisturizing Lotion for a number of reasons. Experienced customers and dermatologists alike believe that this moisturizing lotion gives out the best effects for an affordable price. This lotion moisturizes the skin excellently and is easily absorbed by the skin as well. Since the Burberry Brit Lotion Moisturizes the skin deeply, it can work excellently on skin that has been chapped or skin that has been damaged due to winter dryness.

Moisturizes like a charm. All moisturizing lotions will claim that they have the perfect solution for dry skin. While some of these moisturizing lotions will give out a sweet smell or will apply to the skin easily, they do little about the moisturizing issue. The Burberry Brit Moisturizing Lotion on the other hand moisturizes deeply into the skin’s tissues to make sure that every inch of skin is nourished and moisturized. This lotion also locks in moisture, thus making sure that the effect of the moisturizing lotion lasts long.

Can be applied to the face. When people use lotions, they usually don’t place any on their face. This is because most lotions are too think and greasy to be applied to the face. Some moisturizing lotions also clog the pores leading to acne and skin breakouts. The Burberry Brit Moisturizing Lotion on the other hand is light and non-greasy. Burberry Brit users need not worry about blackheads or acne breakouts as well since the lotion is non-comedogenic and does not block pores.

Compare Burberry Brit with the Most Luxurious Body Lotions

Does not interact with topical medications. There are certain skin conditions that require topical drugs or medications. When people apply these drugs, they seldom apply any moisturizing lotion to go with it because the lotion ends up affecting the potency of the medication or it inhibits the medication from getting absorbed by the skin. With the Burberry Brit Moisturizing Lotion, you don’t have to choose between your medications or getting dry skin. After you’ve applied the topical medication to your skin, you can lather the Burberry Brit Moisturizing Lotion to make your skin healthier and smoother.

Affordable price. For a lotion that promises absolute skin moisture, the Burberry Brit Moisturizing Lotion has a very reasonable price. A 5 fl.oz. lotion this moisturizing body lotion only costs around $21.72. The Burberry Brit Moisturizing Lotion is also easily accessible since it can be found in various beauty skin department stores and wellness counters in malls.

Disadvantages of Using the Burberry Brit Moisturizing Lotion

Moisturizes alone. Sure the Burberry Brit lotion works great as a moisturizer, but unfortunately moisturizing is the only thing this lotion can do. The Burberry Brit lotion does not include any other healthy ingredients such as antioxidants or herbs. This means that the Burberry Brit lotion does not have any other added benefits aside from adding moisture to the skin.

Overpowering smell. The Burberry Brit Moisturizing Lotion has a smell that can be a bit strong and overpowering for some people. Other moisturizing lotion brands are scented with mild floral or fruity fragrances.

The Summary

People complain about getting dry skin because they can’t find an affordable moisturizing lotion that they can use. Thanks to the Burberry Brit Moisturizing Lotion, people can get healthy and supple skin without having to pay a lot for expensive moisturizing lotions. Aside from being non-greasy, the Burberry Brit Moisturizing Lotion feels light and does not block the skin’s pores. This makes this lotion an excellent all-around moisturizer. You can even lather the Burberry Brit lotion to your face since its formula does not cause skin damages, acne breakouts and blackheads. On the other hand, if your skin has other issues aside from dryness, it is not recommended that you treat it with the Burberry Brit Moisturizing Lotion alone since this lotion only aims to improve skin moisture. Despite its strong scent and limited benefits, the Burberry Brit Moisturizing Lotion is still recommended by a lot of individuals because of its price and potency.