If you suffer from extra dry or cracked feet, or if you are looking for a cream to soothe and soften those feet, this list of the 10 Preferred Foot Creams will make your search much easier.

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Biotone Herbal Select Foot Therapy Message Lotion Summary

Choosing the right skincare treatment for the feet can be confusing. Most of us may have been using body lotions as the main product to nourished tired, aching, and dry biotone herbal select foot therapy massage lotionskin. Although body lotions contain moisturizing ingredients, the concentration is simply not enough to prevent the development of dry skin. In order for you to treat dry skin once and for all, you may want to check out the potent foot care offering, Biotone Herbal Select Foot Therapy Massage Lotion.

This article will serve as a Biotone Herbal Select Foot Therapy Massage Lotion review. It will provide you all the reasons why you should purchase one and enumerate the ingredients which makes it one of the best foot creams on the market today.

Biotone Herbal Select Foot Therapy Massage Lotion Reviews

Biotone Herbal Select Foot Therapy Massage Lotion is a soothing, energizing, and moisturizing formula that repairs and treats tired, callused, and sore feet. It was developed as a comprehensive therapy lotion for the feet. Even those with dry, cracked heels will surely benefit from the skin-softening formulation from the reputable skincare brand, Biotone.

The luxurious cream features a satin-like texture that absorbs quickly, leaving the skin with a non-greasy and comfortable feel. It was formulated as a massage lotion, a skincare product that you can use after a long day of physical activities. Customers may also use this as a regular foot lotion, as it also contains safe, all-natural ingredients that is guaranteed to nourish dry skin from heel to toe.

The soothing botanicals of the Biotone Herbal Select Foot Therapy Massage Lotion includes Peppermint that functions to alleviate the burning sensation of tired and sore feet. The herbal plant, Rosemary on the other hand promotes improved circulation in and around the foot region. Bay laurel on the other hand features antibacterial properties that cleanses the skin of microorganisms which may lead to bacterial or fungal infection. Lemon Peel is a compound that repairs cracks and splits on the skin, thus you are guaranteed to feel enhanced comfort as your skin is healing over time.

Aside from the beneficial ingredients mentioned above, the Biotone Herbal Select Foot Therapy Massage Lotion also contains softening compounds that hydrate rough, flaky, itchy, and callused skin of the foot.

Other natural ingredients incorporated into this skincare treatment are:

–        Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is now becoming a more and more popular replacement for its derivatives such as the acetyl alcohol as well as for whale oil. In fact, it has been found that the liquid wax derived from the seeds of the jojoba plant is far more superior compared to the sperm whale oil for uses and applications in the cosmetics area. This is why the number of cosmetic as well as health and beauty products making use of this liquid wax as its primary component is continuously on the rise. Some of these products include lotions, hair shampoos, hair conditioners, and moisturizers. The oil is also a fungicide, which makes it an effective agent for controlling mildew.

Compare Biotone Foot Cream with the Best Foot Lotions

Jojoba oil is a great skin moisturizer. It supplies the skin with just the right amount of moisture without causing blockages on the skin pores. This liquid wax is also suitable for any type of skin, since it restores and regulates the skin’s oil balance. Even individuals who tend to suffer from skin eruptions easily will still benefit from the moisturizing properties of this oil, since it is hypoallergenic. Its high Vitamin E content, which is one of the best natural antioxidants available, prevents the early onset of wrinkles and other skin aging problems.

–        Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed Oil functions in improving the overall condition of the skin. Aside from the fact that this ingredients is widely used in acne skincare treatments and anti-aging products, Grapeseed Oil is also an excellent moisturizing agent. Unlike other essential oils that are heavy in nature, Grapeseed Oil is very lightweight, thus it is quickly absorbed by the skin. It will not feel greasy or will not leave a sticky residue on the skin, so your feet is sure to to feel more comfortable and relaxed when using Biotone Herbal Select Foot Therapy Massage Lotion. It is also due to the lightweight quality of Grapeseed Oil that people with sensitive skin can take advantage of the skin-softening benefits of Biotone Herbal Select Foot Therapy Massage Lotion for daily use.

Yet another benefit of Grapeseed Oil is that it helps in promoting skin tissue repair and regeneration. Based on Biotone Herbal Select Foot Therapy Massage Lotion reviews, the Grapeseed Oil component of the formula also speeds up the repair and healing process of dry, cracked heels.

•        Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an herbal plant that is widely popular ingredient in skincare products as it both soothes tired skin and boasts antibacterial properties as well. For people suffering from dry skin, Aloe Vera works great in repairing the damaging effects of exposure of the skin from too much sunlight, pollution, and irritatants.

The Biotone Herbal Select Foot Therapy Massage Lotion releases into the skin the vitamins and enzymes in Aloe Vera, which in turn deeply moisturizes the skin.

•        Vitamin E

Vitamin E is one of the most powerful antioxidant for the skin. Its anti-aging effects function in destroying free radicals as a result of the natural aging process and oxidative stress. The use of Biotone Herbal Select Foot Therapy Massage Lotion helps in neutralizing the free radicals that continuously invade the skin tissues. Aside from fighting off free radicals, Vitamin E is well known for its nourishing and hydrating qualities. Increased hydration of dry, cracked feet results in a boost in cellular regeneration of skin tissues.

The Biotone Herbal Select Foot Therapy Massage Lotion is currently available in two sizes namely 8 ounce ideal for those who simply want to try it out, and 32-ounce bottles for long-term use.

Overall, the Biotone is an excellent massage lotion for dry, tired, and sore feet. The blend of natural ingredients creates an interesting skincare treatment for exhausted, dry feet.