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The Best Multivitamin for Men Women and Children - See them All

If you are on the hunt for the best multivitamin, you are not alone.   It can be a long and somewhat confusing journey to find the best multi-vitamin for you.  The ONLY way to get started on the right foot, is to put yourself into one of the 5 categories below, in terms of gender and age (or childrens).   From there, you can narrow down all the choices into the ones that are formulated for whomever you are doing the shopping.

To make life easier, we have created 5 lists that are for the best multivitamins in the categories of Men under 50, Men over 50, Women under 50, Women Over 50, and children.   Start with the category of your concern, and go from there.  By clicking one of those links, you will be sent to a page that rates and reviews the best multivitamins that relate to that category.

Also, below these categories, you can find a description of the formulations and ingredients that are often found in each of the categories, so  you will get a better understanding of the "Types" of formulas in each group.

These are the Categories for Best Multivitamin:

Best Multivitamin for WomenUnder 50

Compare 6 Brands and See which was the Very Best Multivitamin for women that we reviewed.

Best Multivitamin for Women Over 50

Compare 6 Brands of Multivitamins for Women OVER 50 to see which was best among those we reviewed.

Best Multivitamin for Men Under 50

6 Brands of Multivitamins for Men are compared to See which is the Best Multivitamin for Men of those that we reviewed.

Best Multivitamin for Men Over 50

Comparison of 6 Brands of Multivitamin for Men, that are over Age 50.  See how they compared and which one was the Best.

Best Multivitamin for Children

The Best Multivitamin for Children are Reviewed and compared, so that you can find the Best for your child.

The Best Multivitamin for Men under 50:  

best multivitamin for men under 50This category of multivitamin focuses on providing the nutrients most men are lacking, and also optimizing the bodily conditions that are important to younger men.   Typically, men in this category still have relatively healthy bone and cell structure.  Mentally, they are still acute.    

What most multivitamins for men under 50 focus on, are heart health, blood pressure, overall performance, and stamina.   Many men in this age group are working hard and are extra busy.   This means that they probably don't have the time to eat healthy, or to pay attention to getting all the nutrients their body requires in the meals they have during the day.  The Best multivitamins for men under 50 will supplement the "common diet" of most men with the nutrients that they are most likely missing.  

Nutrients from green leafy vegetables, etc. are all usually packed into this type of formula.   Some men in this age group have opted for the convenience of a "gummy" formula, but the more serious multivitamins will be in softgel or capsule formulas.

The Best Multivitamin for Women under 50:  

best multivitamin for womenThis category of multivitamin usually contains formulas designed for busy working women and moms.  The diets of this category of person often are missing many important nutrients due to the lack of time or opportunity to eat enough nutritious food to fulfill the body's requirements.    

What most multivitamins for Women under 50 contain, are ingredients for heart health, cell structure, energy, and skin, hair, and nail health.   Typically women of this age are at the busiest, most hectic time of their lives.   This means that more than likely, they are falling short of reaching all their nutritional requirements through diet alone.  They need some help from a good multivitamin created just for them.   The top multivitamins for women under 50 will boost the nutrients that are vitally important to them, that are just not possible to get from 3 meals a day.

Nutrients from green leafy vegetables, calcium, fruits and minerals are all usually what make up these formulas.    Usually, the best formulas in this category of multivitamin for women come in tablet form.

The Best Multivitamin for Men Over 50:  

best multivitamin for men over 50This category of multivitamin is made of multivitamin formulas for men who's bodies are starting to need slightly different nutrients to continue perform their best.  Things like blood pressure and heart health are important, but so is bone strength and mental acuity, as well as stamina and energy.   

Most of the multivitamins for men over 50 take into consideration the lifestyle of this category of men.   Most are still active, busy, and require stamina.   Thus, this category of multivitamins helps make up for the lack of nutrients that many 50+ aged men are missing in their diets.  At this age, it is more important than ever for the men to have full satisfaction of their body's nutritional requirements.    The Best Multivitamin for Men OVER 50 will make sure levels of performance do not start to fail as age become more of a factor.

Green veggies, minerals, calcium, and often things like Ginko Biloba for mental focus are mainstays in these formulas.  Usually, the best formulas in this category of multivitamin for men come in softgels.

The Best Multivitamin for Women Over 50:  

best multivitamin for women over 50As women find themselves reaching the age of 50+, they are often realizing that their bodies need some extra nutrition to stay at their healthiest.  Not any multivitamin is optimal for them.  They need a special formula for bone health, stamina, energy, cellular health and mental acuity.  

The multivitamins for women over 50 focus on the nutrition that battles the most common issues of women in this group.  The lifestyles of 50+ aged women are still active and vibrant, but bodies change as we age, and these formulas address those changes.    The Best Multivitamin for Women OVER 50 will ensure women are getting the full spectrum of nutrients that their bodies require, which are so difficult to get from diet alone.

Calcium, Zinc, and other vitamins and minerals are usually the focus of these Vitamins.   Usually, the best formulas in this category of multivitamin for women come in tablet form.

The Best Children's Multivitamin:  

best multivitamin for childrenChildren are probably the most likely to need some nutritional supplementation from a multivitamin.   They often are picky eaters which means that the food their eating isn't satisfying everything their growing bodies need.   Speaking of Growing, they need MORE of certain nutrients to keep up with the demands that such growth puts on their systems.

Since swallowing a pill can prove very difficult for some kids, most of these formulas are in GUMMY form, which makes them an often "tasty" treat that kids enjoy taking.

The Best gummy multivitamin formulas for kids should NOT contain fake chemical colors, and should have natural flavors instead of synthetic.  Also the best kids multivitamins won't contain things like Gluten, which so many kids have difficulty with.

Basically, the best children's multivitamins will be a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals to give an "overall boost" to every required nutrient for a child's growing body and mind.