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A Closer Look at the Bare Minerals Neck Cream

BareMinerals is a well-known skincare line from the highly-renowned company, Bare Escentuals. One of the company’s best-selling products is Bare Minerals bareminerals neck cream reviewsNeck Cream which promises to defy aging by combatting wrinkles, sagging, deep horizontal grooves, banding, and dullness on the neck region. This Bare Minerals neck cream is marketed as an all-in-one solution to the skin around the neck, a part of the body which features thinner skin and suffers from dryness as we age. This Bare Minerals neck cream review hopes to provide you everything that you need to know about this remarkable de-ageing product.

BareMinerals Neck Cream Reviews

The Bare Minerals neck cream is considered to be one of the best neck creams around for several reasons. For one, ti promises users improved skin quality as evidenced by smoother, firmer, and well-hydrated. With regular application, women are guaranteed to get fast results in exchange for a ridiculous amount of cash. The Bare Minerals Extra Firming Neck Cream is currently sold in a variety of department stores and beauty shops. Even third-party online retailers sell this product, if you are looking into saving money through online shopping. At present, the full-size version is at 1.7 ox and is packaged conveniently in a jar for easy use.

In terms of ingredients, Bare Escentuals were able to list down all the ingredients they used in developing this excellent anti-aging cream. The company is committed into the use and application of natural ingredients that ensure both potency and safety for those who intend to incorporate this neck cream as part of their daily anti-aging routine.


–        Water

–        Caprylic/capric triglyceride

–        Sunflower seed oil

–        Pentylene glycol

–        Corn oil

–        Hydrogenated palm oil glycerides

–        Acacia decurrens/joboba/sunflower seed wax

–        Shea butter

–        Soil minerals

–        Sesame seed oil

–        Olive fruit oul

–        Hydrolyzed align sybean oil

–        Sew water

–        Chlorella vilgaris extract

–        Retinyl palmitate

–        Cermaides NP, NS, AP, EOS, and EOP

–        Lavender oil

–        Acmella flower extract

–        Lavindin oil

–        Leucojum aestivum blb extract

–        Anhemis nobilis flower oil

–        Xanthan gum

As you may have observed, the formulation is enriched with compounds derived from plant extracts. It is a combination of antioxidants, plant oils, and skin-rejuvenating ingredients that work synergistically to deliver youthful skin on the neck area. One great selling point of the Bare Minerals neck cream is that it is completely free of harsh chemicals such as parabens which cause irritation and allergy to the skin.

Compare BareMinerals Neck Cream to the Most Effective Neck Creams

The 100% Active Soil Complex featured by this anti-aging neck cream ensures skin repair and speedy cell turnover, thus revealing smoother, firmer, and plumper skin. Yet another advantage of using BareMinerals Extra Firming Neck Cream is the fact that it can be used for all skin types. Even those with highly sensitive skin will be glad to know that the formulation, though potent, is very gentle on the skin. Of course, consumers are still advised to perform a skin test on the hand, wrist, or small portion of the neck to evaluate if this neck cream is effective and safe enough to be used on a daily basis.

How does BareMinerals Neck Cream work?

According to neck firming cream reviews, this particular product works like magic as it efficiently locks in moisture- a factor that is important to keeping the skin healthy and nourished despite skin aging. With the right amount of moisture from the skin cells up to the epidermal skin later, your skin on the neck will sure look refreshed and invigorated rather than dry and dry. The hydrating powers of this neck cream promises to offer intensive nourishments, thus preventing further formation of wrinkles, sagging, and fine lines. The ultra-luxurious formula is quick absorbing, thus you do not have to worry about that sticky feel throughout the day. For best results, Bare Minerals experts suggest application twice daily. Another great thing about this extra firming neck cream is that it may also be used on the chest and decollete region, thus expanding its usefulness as an anti-aging product.

Neck Cream Customer Reviews

In terms of effectiveness, the BareMinerals Extra Firming Neck Cream offers satisfactory results after a few weeks of use. Although the firming effect is not as significant when compared alongside extra strength skincare neck creams, this product is perfect for those who wants to prevent the appearance of deep horizontal grooves and sagging of the skin. For those who already presents wrinkles, dryness, and horizontal banding, it may take a while for this skin imperfections to disappear from your skin.

Based on neck firming cream reviews by experts, the jar packaging is not as ideal if you want to get the most out of the powerful formulation of this neck cream. As air comes into contact with the cream every time the jar is opened, the active ingredients become less and less potent, until they lose their effectiveness at some point in the future. In addition, skin specialists argue that jar packaging is not as hygienic since you will have to dip your fingers onto the formula everytime you need to apply some on your neck region.

Customers are satisfied with the smoothness and firmness they have noticed with regular use. However there are also those with sensitive skin who have reported itchiness and redness for the first few applications. There are also users who complained about the strong fragrance of this neck cream. Experts have seconded that too much fragrance on skincare solutions does not contribute any anti-aging benefit and may only make things worse as evidenced by irritation, redness, itching, and sudden breakouts.

In terms of price, the BareMinerals neck cream is reasonably priced at $35 to $40 per 1.7 oz jar. Altogether, this neck cream is highly recommended for women who are only starting to notice early signs of skin deterioration on the neck and decollete areas of the skin, and may only go as far as smoothening early signs of wrinkles and fine lines.