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Avon Ideal Flawless Put to the Test

Avon, one of the leading beauty company in the world, recently came out with their own CC or Color Correction Cream. The Avon Ideal Flawless Color Corrector, avon ideal flawless color correctorfeatures cosmetic and skincare benefits that make your skin look flawless on the outside and well-nourished on the inside. It basically boasts everything that you want a makeup to be. But what makes this CC cream better than Avon’s BB cream offering? This Avon Ideal Flawless Color Corrector review not only tackles about Ideal Flawless Color Corrector, but it will enumerate the differences between BB and CC creams, and which is the better option if you are looking for the ultimate cosmetic and skincare offering.

Avon Ideal Flawless Color Corrector Reviews

The CC or color correction cream was developed to be an all-in-one formula which not only boasts cosmetic benefits but outstanding skincare qualities as well. Like its predecessor, the BB cream. The CC cream originated in Asia, and was then pick up in the West by big skincare outfits like Chanel, Avon, and Olay to name a few. As the name implies, a CC cream addresses uneven skin tone and skin discoloration issues that make the skin looking dull and unhealthy. It’s an all-in-one formulation meant to target all common skincare concerns while effectively offering adequate coverage for a flawless and smooth finish for hours.

The Avon Ideal Flawless Color Corrector also features sunscreen protection, hydration, and anti-aging properties, thus eliminating women’s needs to purchase separate skincare products to address sun damage, dry skin, and skin aging signs.

Here are some of the qualities which make CC cream the better buying option for women:

–          Full Coverage

A BB Cream was developed to offer minimal coverage only, whilst CC creams are buildable which means they are more foundation-like sans the sticky and heavy feel from traditional cream or liquid base makeups. Layering a CC cream adds more coverage, which makes it the best foundation to use if you want to conceal discolorations whilst ingredients seep into the deeper layers of the skin for nourishment. Upon application, Avon Ideal Color Corrector treats unevenness and redness which most women encounter as they age.

–          Anti-Aging Skincare

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In terms of skincare, BB creams are only meant to prevent premature signs of skin aging. On the other hand, CC creams were developed to effectively treat skin imperfections while it actively provides makeup coverage to the skin. Skin concerns that are basically treated by CC creams are uneven skin tone, dark spots, redness, freckles, post-acne scars, and age spots to name a few. It also contains brightening ingredients to increase luminosity and radiance of the skin. For Avon Ideal Flawless Color Corrector, it contains high levels of licorice, Vitamin C, and antioxidants for their brightening functions.

A CC Cream is more targeted for people in their 30s and beyond. Due to the anti-aging benefits one can derive from the application of a CC cream, it only become ideal that women who are already noticing signs of premature skin aging should include this as part of their skincare regime.

Key Ingredients

The key ingredients found in Avon’s color correcting skincare product are what makes it very effective in fixing uneven skin tone, diminishing skin imperfections, and reversing the signs of aging.

–          Homosalate at 7%

–          Octinoxate at 7%

–          Titanium Dioxide at 2.15%

–          Octorylene at 2%

In the case of Avon Ideal Flawless Color Corrector, it reduces the appearance of dark spots in as little as two weeks. Upon use and application, the CC cream evens out skin tone by removing skin discolorations as well as enhance the look and feel of the skin over time. The formulation also contains broad spectrum sun protection at 50++ which means your skin will be protected from further development of wrinkles and fine lines. It highly buildable enabling you to add more coverage when needed. Easy blendable, there is no need to struggle smoothening it onto your skin and covering imperfections such as redness. Enriched with natural ingredients such as licorice, Vitamin C, and color-correcting pigments and pearls to alleviate dullness and dryness caused by aging skin.

Customer and Expert Reviews

Based on Avon Ideal Flawless Color Corrector reviews, this treatment is available from Avon’s official website, third-party online vendors, and through an Avon representative. The easy accessibility for this product makes it one of the best CC creams for people on a budget. Although not as cheap as OTC CC creams, the Ideal Flawless Color Corrector is well worth every penny. It delivers all its claims and even more.

The broad spectrum sun protection you get from this product is absolutely phenomenal. Unlike other skincare products such as moisturizers and day creams which only contain SPF 15 up to 30, Avon stepped it up a notch by delivering a skincare product which contains high sunscreen protection to protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. By incorporating a wide range of nutrients into its formulation, Avon was able to come out with a skincare and cosmetics products that perfects the skin.

The CC cream from Avon corrects, protects, and perfects. With all of these attributes there is no reasons for you not to give it a try. With both treatment and prevention addressed by Avon Ideal Flawless Color Corrector, all that you will ever need is to practice healthy eating and lifestyle habits. The product goes on smoothly with ease, enabling you to cut down prep time in half. In addition, it saves you money as you need not buy separate skincare products like a moisturizing cream, day cream, anti-aging cream, and sunscreen to address your other skincare issues. It is packaged neatly in one product giving you the chance to glow and look radiant on the long term.