Skin tone correctors or brighteners often don't work. Many also have dangerous bleach-type ingredients in them that can harm your skin. Skip the nonsense and head straight to the 10 WE PREFER.

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Avon Clinical Absolute Even Hoping to Make Waves

Age spots, sun spots, scarring, and discolorations are undoubtedly the most common signs of unhealthy skin. There are many factors that contribute to uneven skin tone avon clinical absolute even skin toneand skin discoloration problems. Sun exposure if proven to be the leading cause of uneven skin tone, as melanin, a pigment on the epidermal skin layer, is stimulated which results in skin darkening in specific areas of the skin. Localized skin darkening is not serious in nature, but can cause a great deal of discomfort especially among women.

Hormonal changes such as that which happens during pregnancy, also results in uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, and discolorations. Melasma is a condition that is contributed to the increased production of certain hormones during pregnancy. Even those who are not pregnant and those who belong to the male population, may also experience melisma, which leads to unsightly skin unevenness too.

Yet another cause of uneven skin tone and discoloration is that of acne scars and blemishes. Most often breakouts and acnes are caused by increased exposure to external irritations. Once the pimples dry and get infected, they develop into scars later on; skin imperfections that are rather very difficult to treat later on in life.

All of these factors make your skin look dull, unhealthy, and uneven. You can however make your skin wonderfully smooth and flawless yet again with the help of Avon Clinical Absolute Even Skin Tone Corrector.

In this article, we will make a detailed Avon Clinical Absolute Even Skin Tone review, which hopefully guides you accordingly when choosing a product to treat uneven skin tone for good.

Avon Clinical Absolute Even Skin Tone Reviews

If you are suffering from uneven skin tone apart from the unsightly effects of skin aging, you very well know how difficult it can be to cover up these imperfections in public. Cosmetic products such as concealers and makeup can only do so much as provide temporary evenness to the skin, but for more permanent results, you will need to grab something that features potent ingredients that can guarantee to treat discoloration permanently. Women from all over the world, regardless of age and ethnicity, suffer from skin discolorations such as dark spots, age spots, scarring, and dullness. This has inspired skincare giant, Avon into developing a breakthrough formula that can address all forms of discoloration in just a few weeks. Introducing, Avon’s Anew Clinical Absolute Even Multi-Tone Skin Corrector treatment formula- the only skincare product that you will ever need to achieve beautiful, flawless, and smoother skin.

Compare Avon Absolute Even with the Best Skin Tone Correctors

According to Avon Absolute Even Skin Tone Corrector, this offering can solve all skin discoloration woes that you may have. Apart from wrinkles and fine lines, uneven skin tone seems to be a rather great concern among many women. Ordinary moisturizers can only do so much as improve the structure and firmness of the skin, but as for increasing clarity and skin brightening, a separate product is needed to bring about impressive results.

The formulation of Avon Clinical Absolute Even Skin Tone Corrector is perfect for all skin types and is highly suitable for all skin colours. Whether you sport dry, oil, or combination skin , this gentle formula will work wonders in smoothing out all discoloration permanently.

It is a unique formulation as it is the only skincare product around that targets all seven types of skin discolorations:

–          Dark Spots

–          Post-Acne Marks

–          Freckles

–          Uneven skin tone as a result of hyperpigmentation

–          Blotchy red patches

–          Brown patches or age spots

–          Sallowness

The results of regular use are quite impressive. Clinical tests show that those who have used Avon Clinical Absolute Even was able to improve the look of the skin. In terms of skin clarity, results show improvement up to 38%. The visibility of dark patches on the other hand was reduced down to 25%, while dark spots were significantly less obvious due to 13% reduction in visibility.

Unlike majority of skin tone correctors on the market that only work for one or two types of skin shades, the Anew Clinical Absolute Even Multi-Tone Skin Corrector works on all skin colors, blends well, and is quickly absorbed by the skin too.

The secret behind the powerful skin corrector formula can be attributed to its proprietary ingredient, DSX7. It penetrates deep within the skin to get lighten skin pigments until the entire facial region regains its clarity and even tone yet again.

Yet another key ingredient of Avon Clinical Absolute Even Skin Tone Corrector is the fact that it contains two types of Vitamin C. As we are all now aware of, Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that promotes increased collagen synthesis. It also rids the skin of skin impurities just like the skin discoloration, scars, freckles and uneven skin tone.  The two main forms of Vitamin C found in Avon’s formula are ascorbyl glucoside and tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate. The concentration of both of these Vitamin C components are set at ideal levels to stimulate brightening effect on dark spots, patches, and scars. Plant extracts are also added into the blend to sooth the skin plagued by redness, inflammation, and breakouts.

With continued use, women who have had the opportunity to try out this ground breaking skin tone corrector successfully reported significant improvement on overall texture, finish, and coloration.


–          The lightweight and silky-smooth texture of this formula feels absolutely great on the skin

–          This skin tone corrector is free of fragrances, thus reducing further skin irritation which may result in exacerbation of skin unevenness.


–          Since this products fall under the Anew skincare collection, one would expect that it will feature high levels of moisture-inducing ingredients. Sadly, it only contains average moisturizing factors, thus considered not the ideal skincare product for those with extremely dry, aging skin.

According to Avon Clinical Absolute Even Skin Tone Corrector reviews from skin specialists and beauty reviewers, this product deserves a fairly good rating, mainly due to the fact that it contains the right ingredients at their respective ideal concentration levels.