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Arthri-D Joint Supplement Reviews

arthri d for joint painAs we get older, it’s a given that some of our body systems would require special care, given that they are the ones that receive the most wear and tear. For many people, this means taking care of their bones and joints through joint supplements that help the body repair or minimize the damage to joints brought about by advancing age and other medical conditions.

The Theory Behind Joint Care

When you talk about joint health, it’s not only about minimizing pain and damage when you already have a medical condition, it’s also about finding ways to repair your joints or even prevent medical conditions from happening. And while exercise and proper diet can help (we’ll get to that later), the right joint supplements containing glucosamine and chondroitin can go a long way in making sure that you will get the best possible joint care that a supplement can give.

Fortunately, Arthri-D (also known as Arthri-D3) is one of the best supplements for joint health available in the market.

What Arthri-D Can Do

As Arthri D joint supplement reviews have pointed out, the big ingredient here is Vitamin D, in its D3 variant. However, it’s no lie to say that it is also a glucosamine and chondroitin supplement, since these two also figure prominently in the ingredients.


The glucosamine in Arthri-D is a proprietary blend that uses a variant form known as N-acetyl glucosamine. This variant form of glucosamine has delivered significant improvement in tests with people who have osteoarthritis pain.

The human body has glucosamine in it naturally, but it also helps to have more of it around when the body is getting older, so that it can properly maintain all the joints in the human body. Of particular note is how effective it is for knee conditions, as the knees are one of the weak points of our body when it comes to bearing our own weight. It is also known to help with back pain, temporomandibular joint problems, and sports injuries. As you can see, in many of these cases, it’s really all about the bones and joint health for glucosamine.

Chondroitin Sulfate

This particular chemical compound is popular in joint supplements, mainly because of how it helps minimize the effects of osteoarthritis and knee-centered arthritic conditions. It is a naturally-occurring chemical compound, usually found in the connective tissue of animals. Although how it works has yet to be mapped out, it is known to reduce joint pain, increase mobility in affected joints and can definitely decrease the need for painkillers. While there are no established doses for chondroitin that can stabilize its effects for joint care, it is currently accepted that be it for prevention and maintenance or minimizing pain and damage, chondroitin works, and can be used as part of the joint supplements one should use.

Compare Arthri D with the Best Joint Pain Relief Pills


Turmeric’s active ingredient, curcumin, is a well-known traditional anti-inflammatory medicine. It is sometimes combined with a form of pepper, piperine, so that absorption will be faster. In some medical trials, it’s been compared to ibuprofen in terms of effectivity in minimizing pain in knee osteoarthritis. There have been some issues about heavy dosage with turmeric if it goes past three months, but most joint supplements have low enough dosages that this three-month limit is no problem.

Boswellia Serrata

Otherwise known as Indian frankincense, it has had studies for its effectivity for knee-based osteoarthritis. There have been positive effects, as people who took it have noted minimized effects from arthritis after taking Boswellia for some time. It is known to be an anti-inflammatory, and the effectivity seems to peak after two months of continuous usage.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is another popular joint care substance, as it is known to be a cushion and lubricant in the joints. There is some proof that it minimizes joint stiffness and pain, and is widely believed to lessen or delay progressive joint damage.

Perna Canalicus

This chemical compound is an extract from the green-lipped mussel, and it appears to have anti-inflammatory properties as well.

Inflammation and the Issues Associated with It

If you’ve noticed, many of the ingredients of Arthri-D deal with inflammation and how it affects joints. Inflammation in itself is actually an extreme physical reaction toarthri d ingredient list infection or damage to the body. When body tissue becomes inflamed, this allows many substances in the blood to go out to the surrounding tissue, to accelerate repair functions. It also helps stave off infections. However, if the inflammation goes on for too long, it starts damaging the very body parts that it is supposed to heal or defend. That’s why anti-inflammation compounds are very useful. They act as a manual braking system of sorts that can minimize the extreme inflammatory effects, so that the physical situation won’t go out of control.

Other tips and Guidelines for Joint Care

Proper joint care with Arthri-D isn’t only about taking the supplement. No matter how glowing the Arthri-D joint supplement reviews are, it’s about how you combine joint supplements with your lifestyle, for maximum results.


Many people think that one’s diet is the easiest to control, but to keep on finding the right food for joint health can be difficult on a regular basis – which is why you need joint supplements that have glucosamine and chondroitin. Talk with your trainer or doctor to find out which kinds of food you need to keep your joints healthy. That way, your joint supplements will exactly be that: your backup plan against deteriorating joint health.


When you exercise, you should consult with a doctor to find out what your limits are, so you can figure out how muscle and bone strain feels like. That way, you can properly “program” your stretching and limbering exercise, and know when to stop on more intense exercise routines, so you can maximize the effects of exercise on your joints, without damaging them.

Losing Weight

When you think about it, it makes sense to lose weight in the name of proper joint care, since this means that you will put less weight on your load-bearing joints, thus minimizing the daily wear-and-tear that they receive from your activities.

As you can see, joint care with Arthri-D isn’t just about taking the supplement, it’s about making yourself stronger, so you can enjoy having healthy joints even as you grow older.