If you suffer from extra dry or cracked feet, or if you are looking for a cream to soothe and soften those feet, this list of the 10 Preferred Foot Creams will make your search much easier.

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Findings and Report on AromaLand Laurel and Mint Foot Lotion

The AromaLand Laurel & Mint Foot Lotion Reviews show this cream is enriched with therapeutic-grade natural oils formulate to treat, repair, and heal dry, cracked skin. The feet is the most abused aromaland laurel and mint foot lotion reviewspart of the body. After a day of walking, running, and other physical activities, our feet are the most tired as evidenced by aching muscles of the feet. The skin also gets a beating as it is in constant contact with external aggressors such as pollution, sunlight, and dirt to name a few. The AromaLand Natural Foot and Leg Lotion delivers a cooling and calming effect that offers immediate relief.

The foot lotion formulation is enriched with high-grade essential oils namely:

–          Soy

–          Jojoba

–          Coconut

–          Palm

These ingredients come from natural sources so your skin is guaranteed to be provided only with positive skin changes. The formulation is made more powerful with the addition of Bay Laurel and Mint Essential Oil Blends for added fragranced and cooling effects. The base of the formulation is the aromatic Lavender Flower Water that further calms tired and aching feet.

With regular use the AromaLand Natural Foot and Leg Lotion promises to deliver the following outcomes:

–          Improve circulation on the legs and feet

–          Fast absorbing quality for optimum hydration of deeper layers of the skin

–          Significant reduction of swelling

–          Prevent the formation of varicose veins

By using aromatic herbs and plants, AromaLand hopes to offer the most effective leg and foot lotion that will not only relax tired feet, but also heal dry skin and cracked heels.

Other ingredients that you can find in the AromaLand Laurel & Mint Foot Lotion are:

–          Spearmint

–          Lime

–          Lemon

–          Myrtle

–          Hyssop

–          Rosemary

–          Stearic Acid

–          Horse Chestnut Herbal Extract

–          Eucalyptus

–          Bergamot

–          Peppermint

The powerful blend of these ingredients resolves tired and aching feet. It also guarantees to nourish severely dry and sensitive skin. The leg and foot lotion is rich and creamy in texture that one can spread it easily on the skin’s surface with relative ease. It is quickly absorbent, thus it does not leave a sticky or greasy feel.

Compare AromaLand Laurel and Mint Foot Lotion with the Leading Foot Lotions

All-natural and genuine aromatherapy foot care is the ultimate guarantee of AromaLand when they launched the AromaLand Natural Foot and Leg Lotion. The used of plant-based ingredients is testament to the skincare company’s commitment to bringing only superior quality ingredients so customers can achieve smoother, softer, and healthier-looking legs and feet. The formula is rich in emollients and humectants that soothe, calm, relax, hydrate, and nourish dry and sensitive skin.

AromaLand places high importance on consumer health and well-being that all of their products, including AromaLand Laurel & Mint Foot Lotion do not contain:

–          Parabens

–          Artificial coloring

–          Petroleum-based products

–          Synthetic fragrances and perfumes

The foot and leg lotion is cruelty-free in that it is not being tested on animals.

After a few days of use, you will notice significant changes in the appearance and texture of your skin:

–          The AromaLand Laurel & Mint Foot Lotion cools and refreshes tired and aching feet

–          The therapeutic-grade essential oils and horse chestnut herbal extract is perfect for those suffering from skin dryness and those with very sensitive skin

–          Aside from its skincare benefits, the aroma therapeutic blend was formulated to energize and rejuvenate the senses

The Relevance of Using Essential Oils to Heal Dry Skin

Simply put, essential oils are fragrant essences of plants in their purest and most concentrated form. These oils are produced by way of steam distillation where the plants are cold pressed. The essential oils are considered to be the very soul of plants, as they contain all the beneficial nutrients to treat dry and callused skin.

Essential oils that were incorporated in the development of AromaLand Laurel & Mint Foot Lotion are highly powerful extracts that are referred to by Ayurvedic medicine as “liquid sun energy”. AromaLand has been utilizing the potency of essential oils not only in their leg and foot lotion formula, but on other skincare products as well.

About AromaLand

AromaLand has always been committed to delivering the world the best aromatherapy skincare products since 1986. With almost 30 years in the industry, it is no doubt that they are one of the leading brands in the field of aromatherapy foot care. One of the company’s best-selling products, the AromaLand Natural Foot and Leg Lotion has been so successful that is being sold in bulk. Spas and wellness centers from all over the globe use AromaLand Natural Foot and Leg Lotion to deliver superior-quality foot care to their respective clientele. Aside from the regular 12. Oz bottle of AromaLand Natural Foot and Leg Lotion, this foot cream also comes in 1 gallon bottle to cater to businesses like spas, salons, and dermatologist clinics too!

Until now, AromaLand still strives to deliver products that are made from the highest quality of plant-based ingredients and the purest of essential oils. With AromaLand Natural Foot and Leg Lotion, your legs and feet will not only feel relaxed after application, but it will smell fragrance and feel smoother and softer as well.

Customer and Skin Experts Reviews

If you read AromaLand Natural Foot and Leg Lotion reviews online, majority are mostly positive feedbacks from customers which have been using this exceptional cream for years, and some for decades. The selling point of this product can be stemmed from the fact that the company makes use of organic and all-natural products for their aromatherapy oils and lotions. This means that their products are relatively safe for regular use. In terms of potency, the AromaLand Natural Foot and Leg Lotion truly relaxes the skin of the lower extremities. Not only that, the formulation also contains nutrients that nourish the epidermis as well as deeper skin layers too!


–          Made from therapeutic-grade aromatic essential oils for maximum potency

–          Relaxes and soothes tired feet

–          Hydrates the skin


–          Comes in 12 oz and 1 gallon bottles. For those who want to test it out prior to buying in bulk, these sizes are too large for one-time application