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Andalou Naturals Lift and Firm Cream Reviews cause a stir.

For the naturalists and the bargain-seekers, the Andalou Naturals Lift and Firm Cream reviews is the perfect option. I am writing a review today on this practical cream Andalou Naturals Lift and Firm that I bought a few months ago from Amazon. For an anti-aging cream, this is one that is affordable and effective. That being said, I would recommend this cream for those just starting to think about anti-aging.

I bought this cream about four months ago because I’ve been having a lot of late nights and my nutrition hasn’t been worthy of that definition for months. Typical life of a graduate student. Anyway, my skin is reflecting my stressful life and I thought I’d find something strong enough to tackle real issues, but not so intense because my problems are mostly physical reactions to immediate situations. So I found this cream and bought it because it’s cheap and people said it works. Not so much to go off of, but now I’m really glad that I bought it. I don’t have a lot of time to spend on my appearance, so if I can apply this little cream at night (sometimes leave it on while I’m up doing something), I’m good to go in the morning.

My skin issues mainly reflect my lifestyle in the following ways: Blotchy, uneven skin tone, extremely dark and sunken eye circles, and blemished skin. Also, my skin just looks tired. I feel tired and my skin reflects that feeling back at me in the mirror. This cream is really cheap so while I was hoping for a slight revival, I didn’t actually expect to see any real differences. The first week using it changed my mind though. I think that this cream wouldn’t make much difference in skin that’s truly aging, but for someone with issues like mine, this cream works amazingly. I could immediately see my skin brighten up. It looked less puffy, more even-toned, and that grayish tired look was reduced by what it usually takes my concealer to cover up. Speaking of which, I can now skip a couple of steps in my morning routine because it takes far less makeup to make me look decent.

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The cream comes in a little green jar and the marketing strategy completely sells “green”. The cream itself is gel-like, very light, and smells fresh, completely consistent with the theme. At night, I just wash my face as usual with some Neutrogena soap and then apply this cream immediately afterward. My skin immediately absorbs everything and is left feeling clean and fresh and moisturized. In the morning, regardless of the few hours I sleep, my skin still manages to look well-rested (which is annoying because I still feel tired, but it’s a good cover). Then, all I have to do is apply a little concealer under my eyes and I’m good to go.

I also mentioned that I had a few blemishes. While this cream doesn’t really “treat” them, it hasn’t made me breakout and the way it calms my skin as a whole really helps relieve a lot of the redness and irritation I had on my face. About a month into my new routine, my blemishes looked a lot less inflamed- maybe because the rest of my face looked healthy.

Something else that has really improved as a result of using this peptide eye cream is the darkness under my eyes. Obviously, my sleeping schedule continues to feed my dark circles, but the cream containing copper peptides has really relieved the puffiness under my eyes and with a few anti-redness drops, my eyes look quite normal, not as zombie-like as they used to.

So: If you want a good solution to student skin, as I call it, this is your cream. I’m not going to say that it is a good anti-aging skin per se because I’m not really “aging”. However, I do understand that the way I’m treating my skin contributes to the aging process, so maybe it is an anti-aging cream after all. I also won’t say that my skin looks amazing and “wow- how it’s changed”, but it has improved and this improvement has given me a lot more confidence. There is nothing like being stressed out at school, stressed out at work, and adding to that stress because you look stressed.

After I’m done with my little container, I’m going to buy another one. I’m trying to drink more water and not procrastinate as much so that I can sleep more hours. However, I’ve got a long way to go and the work load doesn’t seem to be decreasing so I know that I’ll need something reliable to take care of my skin while I can’t. Maybe later on I’ll find something more potent, but while I’m not dealing with wrinkles, or real age related issues, I’ll stick to my Andalou Naturals cream.

I would recommend this cream to anyone with similar skin problems. To people who don’t get enough sleep and have stress-induced skin issues. I am 25 years old, and my skin is looking that age with the help of this cream. Actually, it looks more like a young 23- A lot fresher than it used to, and very soft. I only apply this cream at night, but it could totally work as a day cream as well. I’ve used it under my makeup on bad days when I haven’t slept at all and my skin needs a little more magic potion to make it look alive.