Inside Report of the 10 Favorite Sleep Aids. Cut to the chase, and avoid the tons of sleep aids that just don't work. Find out the 10 WE LOVE based on effectiveness, value and safety.

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Informational Report and Alteril Consumer Reviews

There is great demand for safe and effective non-prescription sleeping aids in the country. The reasons for the huge demand for sleeping medications is the fact Alteril Reviewsthat there are over 40 million Americans who suffer from insomnia and some other forms of sleeping problem. In this article, we will be talking about one of the more popular name in the sleeping aid niche, Alteril. This Alteril review will discuss all there is to know about this highly-effective and safe natural sleeping aid that seems to have helped many overcome their sleeping difficulties.

Alteril Reviews

One of the strongest selling points of this product is that it is all natural. This means that it only contains ingredients that one cannot find in prescription drugs that are laced with artificial chemicals. The term all-natural also means that it may only treat short-term sleeplessness and is not ideal for managing long-term insomnia or other serious forms of sleeping disorders. Taking Alteril on a daily basis and for a longer time period may cause serious side effects, thus consumers are advised to use it sparingly and only when needed.

All-natural Alteril features all-natural ingredients namely L-Theanine, Melatonin, Valerian Root Extract, and L-Tryptophan to name a few. It also contains a few herbal plant extracts that are popular for their sleep-inducing effects.

Based on a lot of Alteril reviews from experts, Alteril is the better choice when solving temporary sleeplessness due to its high safety rating. This sleeping medication is non-addictive in nature, which means that you can take it without having to worry about increased drug tolerance or dependence in the future. In addition, Alteril is impressive in that it does not leave users with that morning-after sleep hangover effect which a lot of prescription medicines impart on its users.

Why can’t you sleep in the first place?

Sleeplessness is not a disease, but is more of a disorder that is relatively difficult to understand and overcome. If you would like to end that sleepless spell and go back to your normal sleeping habits, it may be best to start using a sleeping medication, than to suffer the consequences of lack of sleep which may include weight gain, diabetes, mood swings, and even heart attack for chronic insomnia cases. Reading reviews of non-prescription sleeping aids online will be your first step in understanding what makes a good sleeping aid, and which products are to avoid altogether.

Compare Alteril with the Top Ten Sleep Aid Supplements on the Market

Caffeine intake is identified to be one of the more common reasons for temporary sleeplessness. Although drinking coffee and other caffeine-based drinks will make it harder for you to get a good night’s sleep, some individuals simply have a hard time in stopping intake altogether. . If you would like to have peaceful sleep at night, it is best to reduce the intake of caffeine. Experts suggest on limiting caffeine intake in the morning. Avoid caffeinated products after two in the afternoon to increase your chances of sleepiness starting 9 in the evening and beyond. In addition, it may be best to drink drinks that are filled with calcium or juice drinks right before going to sleep, as these products are known to relax and calm the body and the mind.

Drinking alcohol may seem like the best drink so you can fall fast asleep. This is a great misconception since alcoholic beverages actually stops the deeper levels of sleep. In addition, those who drink alcohol as part of their before-bedtime routine most commonly find themselves sleepy and lethargic the morning after. This is due the fact that alcohol makes the body dehydrated and out of energy for most of the day.

Sleeplessness plagues millions of individuals all over the world. You are not alone, and somewhere out there, men and women are also looking for ways and products which can help them solve their problems for good.

According the official website of Alteril, this drug claims to make all the difference in your sleep. It is also marketed as an all-natural alternative to prescription drugs which delivers deep, uninterrupted sleep all night long. Although it contains all-natural ingredients, the potency and efficacy of results is just as good as prescription sleeping aids, but without the nasty side effects and dangers.

Biotab is the company that manufactures Alteril. The company’s website provides information about the product itself, but only a few details about the company itself. The website is simple and easily navigable as there are no other landing pages, making shopping relatively easy.

The company Biotab Nutraceuticals claims that they only produce supplements and sleeping aids which contain nothing but all-natural formulations.

When you look elsewhere for company ratings and reviews, you will find that Better Business Bureau or BBB has given the Biotab a C+ rating, a grade that is rather unimpressive, given the company claims they produce superior quality products that improve the lives of people for the better.  In total, there are about 382 complaints that consumers have filed against Biotab, but not exact figure was given as to how many of these cases are due to complaints or negative reviews about Alteril.

The most common complaints which we have found online are:

–        Automatic charge on credit card accounts for consumers who ordered once online

–        Consumers who were dissatisfied with the products they received returned the packages but did not receive the refunds.  Furthermore, the company continuously charges customers who have stopped their subscription is a common complaints against them.

–        The company automatically registering their customers for monthly renewal program even when they opted out for regular supply after their first purchase.

Based on consumer reviews, such complaints make them less confident about purchasing from Biotab altogether. No matter how safe and effective this sleeping aid is, the number of complaints and the non-responsiveness of the company to some complaints make it very difficult for some to try out Alteril to solve their sleeping woes.

Alteril Ingredients

The formulation of Alteril features three important ingredients:

–        L-Tryptophan at 666 mg.

–        Melatonin at 40 mg.

–        Valerian Root Extract at 40 mg.

These ingredients work harmoniously with each other so you can fall asleep and maintain quality sleep for the entire night.

Alteril is currently available on Biotab website and can be purchased from local pharmacies. Prices range between $13.99 from CVS to $29.99 if you purchase it from GNC supplement store.