If you suffer from extra dry or cracked feet, or if you are looking for a cream to soothe and soften those feet, this list of the 10 Preferred Foot Creams will make your search much easier.

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Report and Summary of Akileine Dry Foot Cream

Dry, cracked skin is certainly a source of embarrassment for millions of men and women. Now that summer is fast approaching, it’s time for us to not only prepare our akileine dry foot cream reviewsswimming outfits, but our flip flops for the beach as well. A product that you may want to include as part of you preparation for summer is that of Akileine Dry Foot Cream. This skincare offering helps in treating dryness that is brought about by rough, and cracked skin. This foot cream was specifically formulated to give you the best results. Even skin specialists and beauty experts highly recommend the Akileine Dry Foot Cream for its remarkable potency in keeping the feet nourished, smooth, soft, and healthy!

This Akileine Dry Foot Cream will enumerate all the right reasons why you should pick up this product to solve your chronic dry skin issue. We will provide you with customer reviews as well as this will further help you on deciding whether Akileine Dry Foot Cream can answer to your needs!

Akileine Dry Foot Cream Reviews

Akileine Dry Foot Cream is ranked number one by many beauty editors due to the efficacious blend of emmolients, nutrients, and exoliants that it features for its formulation. The moisturizing ingredients work excellently softening up the skin. With soft skin, dead skin cells which have accumulated on top of the epidermis slough off more effectively than feet that are untreated with Akileine Dry Foot Cream.

The formulation also contains compounds that included luxurious emollients which not only moisturize dry skin, but also help in the repair process as well.

With regular use, other benefits that the makers of Akileine promise to consumers are the following:

–        Prevent the development of calluses

–        Nourish dry feet resulting in the elimination of cracked heels and splits

–        Rejuvenates the dry skin on the feet due to skin aging

One unique quality of Akileine is the fact that it contains anti-aging ingredients that improves the rate of cell turnover. With this in mind, dead skin cells slough off at a faster rate, thus revealing younger-looking skin.

Problematic feet can cause you to develop a host of skin conditions. Athlete’s foot is one of the more common problems that arise if an individual does not take good care of the skin. The feet may also develop wounds due to constant itchiness of dry skin. You can prevent all of this problems from happening to you simply by using the specialized formulation of Akileine Dry Foot Cream.

Akileine even promises immediate results once you start application of their best-selling foot cream for dry skin:

–        Long-lasting hydration

All that you need to do is apply this cream once daily. It features long-lasting hydrating properties so your skin is nourished for 24 hours!

–        Repair cracked skin and splits

The ultra-hydrating properties of Akileine Dry Foot Cream promises excellent results in as fast as seven days. The fissures and cracks will be repaired in just a few days, so your skin will look and feel soft and smooth yet again!

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–        Increased collagen production

One cause of dry skin on the foot is natural skin aging. This phenomenon slows down the rate by which collagen is produced by the skin. Akileine foot cream stimulates the production of collagen by 134% due to the anti-aging ingredients that the formulation contains. In just two weeks, you will enjoy a visibly more attractive feet with no signs of calluses, dryness, and cracked skin!

–        Rich, luxurious texture

The ultra-rich formulation is very soothing to dry skin. Although the consistency of the cream is thicker than most creams, it absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving you with a non-sticky, non-greasy feel!

–        Powerful Emollients

The secret to the potency of Akileine Dry Foot Cream lies in the powerful emollients that it contains. Shea butter, macadamia oil, and glycerine work synergistically with one another to give your skin optimum nutrition and hydration at the same time. These moisturizing agents also aid in faster rate of skin repair as they restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

–        Improved Microcirculation

There are ingredients integrated into the Akileine Dry Foot Cream formula that improves the oxygenation of tissue in and around the foot region. These compounds are also known to promote improved blood circulation that extends to the leg region too.

–        Patented IPARZINE

This is unique in the Akileine Dry Foot Cream formulation. This anti-aging complex repairs and rejuvenates the skin by combating all forms of external aggressors that may cause skin irritation and inflammation problems.

The Akileine Dry Foot Cream is part of the skincare company’s Blue Range that is made up of foot crème solutions and balms that are formulate to re-moisturize dry, cracked feet and heels as well. This ultra-rich foot cream has been clinically proven to soothe, repair, and reinforce dry skin. It also contains compounds that protect the skin from further damage too.

Customer and Skin Experts Reviews

There is nothing but positive Akileine Dry Foot Cream reviews from customers who have given their feedbacks online. Akileine is one of the two most esteemed supplier of natural health products in the United Kingdom. Due to the high level of potency of their foot creams, the company has well expanded their offerings to the United States and other overseas countries too.


–        Easy to use as application is straightforward. A little goes a long way and a tube of this cream will last for months!

–        Perfect for aging skin. As part of your skincare regime, you may want to include this cream to prevent dryness and dullness as you age.

–        Highly accessible. Due to the fact that it is a product that produces fast results, many online companies offer this cream.

–        Hygienic Packaging. The tube packaging excellently preserves the key active ingredients for many months!


–        The price is $34.45 for a 150ml tube. This may be a very expensive product to first time users.