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Ahava Time Revitalize Firming Eye Cream Gets a Closer Look

Are you looking for a firming anti-aging skin cream to use for those unwanted wrinkles and fine line? Look no further as AHAVA Time to Revitalize Extreme Firming Eye ahava time revitalize extreme firming eye creamCream can excellently deliver results as evidence by significant reduction of wrinkles as well as firmer and more elastic skin around the eye region. This Ahava Time Revitalize Extreme Firming Eye Cream review will tackle all pertinent information about this truly remarkable product. In addition, it will provide you with brief reviews and evaluations from consumers as well as skin experts regarding the overall efficiency and performance of this anti-aging eye cream offering from Ahava.

Ahava Time Revitalize Extreme Firming Eye Cream Reviews

Ahava has been consistent in its mission to search high and low for powerful ingredients that can reverse and diminish the signs of aging. This potent anti-aging formula is made up of Dead Sea Minerals, date plam extract, Goji berries, and Iceland Moss from the Himalayas that are blended to produce an efficient formulation which can defy the signs of aging around the eye region. This powerful formula is known to have age-defying abilities while nourishing your skin all day long. Your skin’s overall appearance and texture will greatly improve with continued use of this eye cream for anti-aging.

In fact, recent studies reveal how efficient this eye cream is in targeting age-related skincare problems that plague the eye area:

–          Almost 92% of testers saw significant improvement on skin radiance

–          Nearly 86% of testers reported that their skin looked and felt firmer than before

Almost 96% of respondents reported improvement in overall appearance and a younger-looking skin

Then high satisfaction ratings tell us that this product have truly met the expectation of women from around the world. With a great collection of anti-aging ingredients mixed into one blend, you are sure to see significant improvement on the texture, feel, and appearance of the skin.

Compare Ahava Time Revitalize Eye Cream with the Best Eye Creams


–          Increased moisture

Dry and matured skin results in the formation of wrinkles, dark spots, and fine lines. This is most especially true for the skin that surrounds the skin region. By increasing the hydration levels, you can diminish the signs of aging signs, or even erase them permanently too!

–          Wrinkle reduction

Wrinkles are inevitable, but you can reduce their appearance on the skin with the help of Ahava Time Revitalize Extreme Firming Eye Cream. With this formula, wrinkles, crow’s feet, dark circles, and fine lines are reduced to a certain extent making your skin look more radiant and younger. In addition, it prevents the formation of new wrinkles, so you are sure to look up to ten years younger with regular use.

–          Improvement on skin firmness

Skin elasticity and firmness are compromised as we age. The elastin and collagen production are slowed down as we grown older. Things get worse for the skin as free radicals proliferate at this stage in our lives. By infusing the skin with the nourishing blend of Ahava eye cream, the fiber network of the skin which consists of collagen and elastin will improve significantly.

This innovative formula including breakthrough ingredients that are handpicked by experts to deliver intense hydration as well as significant reduction in the amount of existing wrinkles. In addition, this eye cream has been shown to deliver active shield for guaranteed protection from the elements such as sun exposure, stress, pollution, and allergens to name a few.

After four weeks, you will see that your skin is lighter, clearer, and show reduction in wrinkles and fine lines too.

The Dead Sea and the Himalayas are located at two extremes of altitude.

At 410 meters below sea level, the Dead Sea is located at the lowest point on the earth’s surface. On the other hand, the Himalayas lies at the highest point on Earth.

 It was in 2004, while trekking in Nepal at 4,500 meters above sea level, Dr Ze’evi Maor, Vice President of AHAVA Product Development, noticed that locals from these two locations suffer from skin problems that can be treated simply by the ingredients around them. This has inspired Agava to develop AHAVA Time to Revitalize collection. The combination of plant extracts and natural botanicals from these two extreme climates deliver intense hydration and ample protection for the skin.

The demanding climates found at the Dead Sea and in the Himalayas result in the growth of resilient plant life. The AHAVA Time to Revitalize collection perfectly captures the essence of that resilience. These exquisite products speed up and stimulate collagen production and improve the skin’s natural cell turnover proves. With daily use, AHAVA Time to Revitalize Extreme Firming Eye Cream has the ability to deliver astounding improvement in the condition and texture of the skin.

The patented combination of natural ingredients in the Ahava Tim Revitalize Eye Cream is breakthrough in the field of anti-aging skincare for the eyes. Enriched with the Extreme Complex from the highest and lowest points on earth, and introducing Red Algae’s protective properties, this eye cream facilitates in the reduction of wrinkles helps reduce wrinkles that are found in the delicate skin region surrounding the eyes.  This powerful blend also improves skin’s elasticity, as well as provide glowing skin for many years to come.

Key Ingredients

–          Red Algae helps in diminishing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles

–          Dead Sea Minerals, Dunaliella Algae, and Date Fruit extracts offer intense hydration

–           Powerful  antioxidants soothe and firm aging skin

–          Himalayan Raspberry Root rejuvenates the skin and functions as an excellent anti-inflammatory agent

–          Icelandic Moss calms and naturally protects skin from external assaults

Since all ingredients indluded in the blend come from nature, the Ahava Eye Cream is free from:

–          Parabens

–          SLS/SLES

–          Sulfates

–          Pthalates

–          Synthetic fragrances

–          Artificial dyes

–          GMOs

Based in Ahava Time Revitalize Extreme Firming Eye Cream reviews from consumers, regular application really changed the appearance of their skin as evidenced by reduction on wrinkles as well as improve texture and elasticity. The ingredients were non -irritating, but users with skin sensitivity issues did experience breakouts during the first few days of application. Due to the positive changes observed by consumers as well as skin experts Ahava Eye Cream is now considered to be the best firming eye cream to defy aging.