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Ageless Male Reviews and Consumer Product Summary Report

You may remember the Ageless Male TV commercials, promising to help men regain their manhood.  The ageless male bottlesupplement is designed to boost free testosterone, which in turn will increase your libido and performance while supporting improved energy and muscle growth.  Ageless Male is manufactured by New Vitality, which also makes supplements like Super Beta Prostate.  You may remember the trouble and law suit regarding the television ad depicting a doctor, which consumers said mislead them to think a doctor created the formula.  Either way, it was a messy situation in which New Vitality was portrayed to be misleading and use misleading advertising practices.  This is most likely compounded by the fact that they offer Free Trials that come with Automatic Shipments which many consumers do not want.

Ageless Male Reviews

There is a lot of controversy about testosterone supplements like Ageless male.  These products make promises about boosting free testosterone and improving libido and firming muscles and helping you lose the fat.  These are all very real issues men deal with as they age, and our bodies do not produce the same level of testosterone that they did when you were younger.  Testosterone counts dropping is responsible for much of the loss of drive and desire you may be experiencing.

Ageless Male was one of the first products to advertise on major television with these types of products. In fact, they brought testosterone supplements to the attention of many consumers who were considering testosterone patches or other medications to help with the changes they are experiencing.  When testosterone counts drop, there are very real changes that happen to your body, and there is no advantage to ignoring them.  Maybe its not causing a problem in the bedroom yet, but it may affect your overall desire.  Honestly, do you still have the same sexual drive you did when you were 20?

Ageless Male Reviews show that opinions vary for consumers.  Some are pleased with the product and satisfied with the overall results.  Other consumers were expecting a “viagra-like” response and were upset to realize that is not how this product works.  In general, the product is designed to improve the overall desire and ability to perform when the situation arises.  There are other brands that advertise heavily on TV like Nugenix, who compare themselves similarly with Ageless Male.

Supplement Facts and Daily Dosage

We were a bit surprised to see the ingredients of this product.  Vitamin B 6 is the first ingredient, followed by Magnesium and Zinc.

Magnesium, being one of the primary ingredients was studied for its ability to increase free testosterone with supplementation.  The study determined that when taking 10mg of Magnesium during and or after exercise, that testosterone levels were increased.    The study was performed on men doing Tae Kwon Do and also on men who lived sedentary lifestyles.   The interesting thing was that the group who exercised got greater benefits than those who didn’t exercise.

Lastly, Ageless Male contains Fenugreek (testofen).  The product is offered via Free Trial with an automatic shipment enrollment and also via discounted price to start with automatic delivers that follow.  We were unable to find anywhere where you can just buy the product straight up and use it without the automatic shipments.  We understand automatic shipments can be convenient, but we like for our readers to have an option of buying it just one time, with the exception of some sellers on amazon.

Ageless Male Ingredients (updated)

% Daily Value
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCL) 4.4mg 247%
Magnesium (magnesium oxide) 16.88mg 4%
Zinc (zinc oxide) 15mg 100%
Fenugreek Extract (brand name Testofen) 30mg
† % Daily Value unknown


Information Reported Online

ageless male label

Here is the label.  Click it to Zoom In.

There is a lot of information about Ageless Male online.  Some complaints pertain to the automatic billing, which is no surprise.  Others about the product itself.  It seems overall that the product is fairly well received by the public and that at least some of the men who use the product report they are pleased with the performance.

The product delivers the ingredients on the label which for some men provides them with the drive and motivation they are looking for.  That being said, it does not seem to be for everyone.  Some men have reported very little changes and claim they are less than thrilled with Ageless Male.

It is always difficult to know what to believe with a product.  Usually, we refer to the ingredients and see what we think about the quality of them and the chances of them delivering the results so many men are looking for.

In a Nut Shell

There are many testosterone boosters or man boosting supplements on the market.  Some use a laundry list of ingredients, others like this one, are more simplified and straight forward.  The ingredients of Ageless male were outlined previously.  Truth is, there is no way to know how you are going to react to a supplement until you actually try it.  Problem is, Ageless Male only offers automatic delivery options, which is a turn off.

We believe that Ageless Male is a good product.  It is not the best product in the world but it is far from the worst.  We recommend you take the time to review all of the testosterone products that we report on here and see for yourself which product strikes your fancy.  There are many ways to achieve the missing desire and performance you are craving, take some time to find a product that delivers results that you feel comfortable trusting the brand.

New Vitality is a fine company with decent products, but there are a number of blemishes regarding law suits and other complaints that may warrant further research before final purchase.