If you suffer from extra dry or cracked feet, or if you are looking for a cream to soothe and soften those feet, this list of the 10 Preferred Foot Creams will make your search much easier.

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AFY 24k Foot Cream Reviews reveal it uses actual gold

Our feet are probably the most useful part of the body.  With all the activities that we perform using our feet such as walking and running, it is not surprising to afy foot creamknow that it is the most abused part of the human body as well.  With all the things that it has to go through on a daily basis, it becomes a need for us to render TLC for the feet for it to remain in good condition.   Foot care is not only isolated for individuals who are suffering from chronic conditions such as diabetes, but should be exercised by healthy individuals too.  A good foot care in place prevents the development of skin conditions that plague the feet such as Athlete’s foot and other types of fungal infections.  Making sure that your feet is in excellent condition will guarantee that it is not only functional, but looks great too.

One common misconception when it comes to foot care is that women are the only ones that need it every so often. Bear in mind that t men do more manual activities than women, thus they need to provide the same amount of care to the feet as well.

Aside from the usual pedicure and foot spa pampering that you acquire from the nail spa, it is recommended to follow a regular foot care plan too. The inclusion of a foot cream is best if you want to maintain smooth, healthy, and young-looking skin for your foot region. A targeted skincare treatment works great, since you will see significant results in just a few weeks.

One great foot skincare offering is AFY 24K Gold Foot Cream. This product from Asia is now popular around the globe due to its luxurious ingredients that will surely give you that million-dollar pair of feet that you’ve always wanted.

AFY 24K Gold Foot Cream Overview
AFY Skincare is a brand from China. This company is very popular in the People’s Republic of China, and in neighbouring East Asian countries when it first came out with its skincare offerings. The high level of potency of their products and their inexpensive price points further extended their popularity in the Western Hemisphere as well. Today, more and more people from the United States and Europe are purchasing AFY products due to the effectiveness of all products they release in the market.

See how well the AFY 24K Gold Foot Cream compare to the other top foot creams on the market.

gold foot cream by afy 24k goldThe key ingredient that is common across all skincare products of AFY is that of Gold. As we all know Gold is a precious metal that most of us use for jewelry and accessories. Of course, the utility of gold does not stop here as people are making use of Gold in a variety of applications, ranging from telecommunications to edible garnish in food entrees. But who knew that Gold can actually be exploited in the realm of skincare?

Studies have shown that Gold has a multitude of benefits when used as a skincare ingredient:

– Anti-Aging
Gold can play a major role in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots that seem to pop out in different parts of the body. Although the feet shows little signs of aging once we hit thirties, these skin imperfections will eventually start to show on skin of the foot region too. You can avoid this simply by using a product such as AFY 24K Gold Foot Cream as part of your overall skincare regime.
Gold is known to stimulate skin tissue basal cells, that which reduces the level of elasticity and firmness. For those who want to prevent the formation of wrinkles, you may want to check out skincare products that include Gold as its key ingredients.

– Skin Cell Production
Gold contains ions that stimulate the skin cells and surrounding nerves and veins, thus resulting in improved circulation around the foot. Tired feet need to return to its relaxed state. Aside from getting massages, the circulation in the cellular level can be enhanced via the application of AFY 24K Gold Foot Cream, which penetrates deep within the skin, increasing metabolism of skin cells and improve waste excretion as well.

– Brighter and Clearer Skin Complexion
Aside from healthier skin on the foot, Gold is also known to whiten and lighten the complexion of the skin. The glowing qualities of Gold is not only due to its appearance, but because of its anti-oxidant rich components that will make your skin glow, lighten, and brighten after a few applications. Gold is now being used in facial masks as it provides that distinct radiance that no other natural element can deliver.

– Collagen Damage Slows Down
Gold has been proven to impeded the rate by which collagen is depleted in the body. Bear in mind that the body produces less and less collagen starting the age of 25. You can reduce the rate of collagen damage by infusing the element, Gold as part of your foot skincare regime.

The AFY 24K Gold Scrub Exfoliating Foot Cream works like magic as it not only gets rid of dead skin cells, but also nourishes the skin from inside out.  It contains micro beads that sloughs off dry skin.  On the other hand 24K Gold does its magic by infusing compounds that boost collagen production and improve foot microcirculation too.  The formulation also contains high levels of Hyaluronic Acid to improve hydration levels as well as Natural Matte Particles to keep the skin of the foot dry at all times.

The 24K Gold Scrub Exfoliating Foot Cream works beautifully as it penetrates the skin fast, leaving your skin smooth and dry.  The moisture infused is locked in within skin cells, so you don’t have to worry about excess moisture of the epidermis, a condition which may lead to fungal infections such as Athlete’s foot among many others. Aside from the indulgent ingredient, Gold, the formulation of this luxurious skincare for the feet also contains glycerol, papaya extract, cucumber, and lavender oil for improved moisture, skin lightening, and calming effects.