Our 10 Favorite African Mango Supplements

Trying to find the right African Mango Supplement? Take the time to do your homework and be sure to see our list of 10 we find our favorites

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African Mango Slender Reviews and Consumer Product Summary Report

African Mango Slender is another in a recent trend of diet pills that sell their product exclusively on Amazon.  Yes, amazon will give African Mango Slender Reviewsyou a wide variety of consumers, but they have very little information about the product and the company that manufacturers it.  It also raises the question as to why a company is looking to avoid the expense of a website.  In todays day and age, the cost for a business to have a website is not overwhelming, and raises some serious doubts to our editors.

Diet pills are always the supplements that consumers need to be extra cautious with.  Because weight loss is such an emotional concern for consumers, there are thousands of companies out there looking to profit from it.  When you combine a ripoff rich industry with a company that doesn’t even bother to have a website, it raises some serious red flags and consumers should proceed accordingly.

African Mango Slender Reviews

One of the benefits to consumers when a company sells exclusively on Amazon is that you can read the reviews of the consumers who have used the product.  The draw back is that Amazon does absolutely nothing to guarantee the accuracy of these reviews, NOR do they prevent the merchant from posting positive reviews and manipulating the overall response to the product.  What that means is that you can use the information to get an idea about the product, but will need to seek alternate sources of information to make a final decision.

African Mango Supplements have been praised for their weight loss powers, but not all products are created equally.  African Mango Slender also combines Raspberry Keytones and Green Tea to round out there formula.  While all the ingredients seem to have positive effects on fat burning and weight loss, the collective efforts of African Mango Slender have been a disappointment to many consumers.

Supplement Facts and Dosage

African Mango Slender Reviews have shown that despite the product being named African Mango Slender, the most concentrated ingredient in this product is actually Raspberry Keytones which is 500mg, African Mango is 300mg, then there is a blend of ingredients at 400mg that contains Green Tea and Caffeine among others.  The product should last you 30 days, so be sure to double check the budget and make sure you can afford a few months worth to see results.

Overall Impression

There are many reasons that we may recommend or issue caution about a product.  Among them are results, ingredients and company reputation.  Combining that knowledge with an understanding about how amazon reviews work and we are concerned about the ways in which this company is marketing its product.  While this is only OUR OPINION, merchants can boost the number of positive reviews to offset the negatives or do it so much that they actually try to use it is a marketing ploy to get your money.

We recommend that you continue your search for another African Mango Supplement that does not have any of the red flags that this brand seems to have.  African Mango Slender may be a fantastic product, but we do not recommend you take the potential risk as there are better options out there.  Check out our comparison charts and other consumer tools to help you navigate this market.