Our 10 Favorite African Mango Supplements

Trying to find the right African Mango Supplement? Take the time to do your homework and be sure to see our list of 10 we find our favorites

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African Mango Cleanse Reviews and Mango Secret Product Summary Report

Mango Secret African Mango Cleanse is a brand of african mango supplement that you may have come across in your searches.  african mango cleanseWhile the brand recognition is very little with this product, there are many consumers looking for african mango supplements and others that are looking for weight loss cleanses.  This product was placed at the intersection of those niches for a reason, and internet affiliates will add to the hype, hoping to convince you of its powers.

Problem is, that most consumers see through “over hype” of internet marketers and understand that they are looking for quality products, not just the website that tells a good story.  Consumers like to investigate the products and understand the pros and the cons of a brand before buying.  So if Mango Secret wants to impress weight loss consumers, they better do it with results, not marketing hype.

African Mango Cleanse Reviews 

Before you make any purchases, especially weight loss supplements, make sure you take the time to look over the label.  Look at the concentrations, are the ingredients standardized, what is the daily dosage / overall cost of the product.  The more time you spend investigating, the more you increase your chances of finding the best product for your individual needs and goals.

African Mango Cleanse is a fairly visible product, but the lack of brand recognition may hurt their sales volume.  While it is normal to be hesitant of manufacturers you haven’t heard of, there is no evidence that Mango Secret has anything to hide.  All indications are that the product is of decent quality and while it does not produce amazing results, there are some pleased consumers out there.

Supplement Facts and Dosage

African Mango Cleanse Reviews have shown that each bottle contains 60 capsules with the recommended dosage as taking 1 capsule per day.  That means each bottle will last you roughly 60 days.  It should be noted that in our findings consumers were taking more than 1 per day to achieve their desired results, you may want to get further clarification on that matter before buying.  Each dosage is said to have 500mg of african mango, which is about average.

Overall Impression

Overall, we are not overly impressed with this product.  The brand is fine and can be trusted, but their use of affiliates and internet marketing techniques forces us to think that the manufacturer is trying to hide something or over sensationalize the results.  There are literally thousands of african mango supplements to choose from, if you feel that this cleanse is right for you, then we say go for it.

However, if you are interested in finding a product that uses a straight forward, consumer first approach, there are plenty out there to choose from.  You can use our comparison charts as a short cut, or take the time to read through all of our reviews individually.  Ether way, we suggest you continue the search for a more effective african mango supplement.