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Advil PM Consumer Reviews and Conclusions

Advil is a trusted pharmaceutical drug known all around the world for its potency in fighting of common, but very troublesome pain disorders. From simple Advil PM Reviewsheadache, migraine, to low grade fever, Advil is known to get the job done, and one of their latest offerings, Advil PM claims to deliver just the right amount of kick for you to sleep peacefully through the night.

This Advil PM review was designed to inform and educate consumers of what this over-the-counter medication does, its indications, and safety guidelines for use. We will also be including consumer reviews and feedbacks on how Advil PM performs when compared alongside its competition.

The Importance of a Good Night Sleep

Although a lot of us think that sleeplessness at night can bring advantages, it is also known to cause a lot of problems when the disorder becomes temporary.

Of course, those with busy schedules and long working hours will find sleeplessness beneficial in that they can extend their productivity until wee hours of the morning. However, when sleeplessness becomes a long-term problem, it can actually result in the development of a variety of conditions, and other unwanted problems too.

The problem of temporary sleeplessness should not be taken lightly. Sleep is essential for keeping the body and mind in sync and fully functioning during the day time. Here are other issues one may encounter with lack of sleep:

–        Sleeping helps the brain refresh and recharge

–        Studies suggest that lack of sleep can result in weight gain. Sleeplessness has been proven to alter hormone levels, which in turn raises the satiety of individuals.

–        Growth hormone which plays a myriad of important roles in the body is secreted in high doses during hours of sleep.

–        Sleeplessness may also result in the development of behavioral issues such as attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder or ADHD.

–        Ineffective memory consolidation processes.

–        Reduced overall productivity.

Compare Advil PM Sleep Aid with the Leading Sleep Aids in the Industry

With all of these drawbacks associated with sleeplessness, individuals need to make an effort in finding ways on how to combat the disorder. There are of course pharmaceutical companies that have tried their best in finding the ultimate remedy for abnormal sleeping patterns and sleeplessness. Unfortunately, majority of the drugs available in the market are habit forming in that they contain ingredients which cause individuals to depend on sleeping pills for them to get a good night’s sleep. Although effective, habit-forming sleeping aids are considered to be very dangerous to the liver and kidneys. In addition, they may also cause the sleeplessness pattern to get worse if and when consumers are unable to take them at some point in time.

Advil PM was designed to be the safest and most effective sleeping aid in the market today.  It is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug which also helps people with sleeping difficulties.

In most cases, sleeplessness can be brought pain sensations. The severity and frequency of pain directly affects one’s ability to rest soundly at night. Advil, with their immense popularity with pain relief, successfully formulated a product that can solve both problems of pain and sleeplessness.

The primary ingredient found in Advil Pm is Ibuprofen classified under non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs together with other NSAIDs such as aspirin and naproxen and is primarily used for the treatment of pain, light to moderate fever, as well as inflammatory conditions. Proper use and dosage of Ibuprofen is always provided to consumers who are to use it for management of fever and pain, as overdose or misuse are known to cause adverse effects such as stomach bleeding, hives, facial swelling, and rashes to name a few.

Aside from its general indication for pain and fever, Ibuprofen may also be utilized as remedy for temporary sleeplessness. Advil PM contains the right concentration of Ibuprofen not only to alleviate pain and fever but also induce drowsiness too. Not only will it help you in falling asleep, but it has been tried and tested to keep you asleep for the entire night as well.

Dipenhydramine is yet another ingredient found in Advil PM. The combination of Ibuprofen and Diphendyramine ensures that fever/pain and sleeplessness complaints are addressed.

According to Advil PM reviews, those who have successfully administered this OTC drugs during fever or pain episodes were able to get a good night sleep after the first night of use. Furthermore, feedbacks reveal that consumers were able to recover from fever and feel reduced intensity of pain after a few days of intake of Advil PM.

Although Advil PM is very effective in managing temporary sleeplessness, there are several instances when this medication is to be avoided altogether:

–        Individuals who have allergic sensitivity to pain relievers

–        Children under 12 years of age

–        Elderly

–        Not to be taken prior to surgery or operation

–        Should not be taken by individuals who are currently taking products with dipenhydramine

–        Sleeplessness episodes without pain or fever

People with these conditions are also contraindicated to use Advil PM:

–        People suffering from COPD

–        Digestive issues such as heartburn  or stomach pains

–        Ulcers and bleeding problems

–        Hypertensive patients and those with kidney issues

–        Individuals who takes direutics

–        People suffering from glaucoma

–        Prostate-related issues

Caution is to be taken when administering Advil PM, especially if you are taking the medication for more than 2 weeks. Sleeplessness issues that go beyond two weeks should be re-evaluated. The problem may not be caused solely by pain and fever, thus seeking the expertise of medical expert is highly recommended. Sleeping disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnea may only be treated by a different set of drugs.

Advil PM is sold at your local pharmacy for $11.79 for 80 pieces. There are also websites that offer Advil PM online at even lower prices.

Overall, Advil OM works best in cases of temporary sleeplessness as a result of pain and fever. It should not be used  solely for sleeplessness issues, and guidelines provided above should be followed to avoid nasty side effects.